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Originally Posted by J4P4nFre4KKK View Post
halo saya saya J4P4nFre4KKK, saya punya Stick SFIV TE XBOX dan lagi nyari servis dual modding mau tanya apakah anda bisa dual mod supaya

Halo J4P4nFre4KKK..
Gw sih baru belajar dual modding... Tapi nanti gw coba bantu loe..
Soalny gw juga mau dapet pengalaman ngedual mod TE.
Jadi gw nga bakal charge loe terlalu mahal.

Anyways gw jawab dulu pertanyaan2 ny ya.

Originally Posted by J4P4nFre4KKK View Post
dan kalo bisa pake board apa? yang baru Toodles Chimp, ato toodles Cthulhu? dan harga servis nya brp? terima kasih banyak.
ah... jadi loe ud kenal ama produk Chimp toh.

Well setau gw Fightstick TE & SE emang bisa didual mod..

Dan kalo loe beli Chimp berarti loe ud dapet PS3 Cthulhu & Imp.

Yang artiny nanti cuma ada 1 kabel USB yg keluar dari stick loe. Trus sewaktu loe colok kabel ny ke PS3/360...stick loe akan kenalin sendiri console yg loe mainin.

Btw nanti gw copy paste beberapa info dari official thread Cthulhu & Chimp..

Tapi sebelum itu gw mau bilang.
Please beli Chimp yg ud dirakit.
Karena gw blom pernah rakit Chimp sendiri(entah loe bikin gw pusing..hehe ), dan supaya gw bisa langsung pake barang ny..

Lagipula kalo loe beli yg blom dirakit, ujung2 nya gw charge loe juga untuk rakitin Chimp ny..

Chimp Questions

Q: What is it?
A: The Chimp is a new board that combines a PS3 Cthulhu with an Imp into one board. It's made for wiring along side an Xbox360 pcb so your arcade stick can work on both 360 and PS3 cleanly and easily.

Q: Why would I get a Chimp instead of just getting a Cthulhu and an Imp?
A: Lots of reasons.
1. With only one board instead of two, the Chimp will be easier to wire up to the 360 board.
2. Autodetection. The Chimp can identify when it is plugged into an Xbox360 and automagically go into 360 mode. No slide switches, no holding down buttons, just plug in and go on any system.
3. Since this sort of dual mod will always require soldering, the Chimp is available as an unassembled kit, meaning a lower cost to you.
4. Trigger inversion. If you want to connect the Chimp to an Xbox360 pad that requires the triggers to be inverted, the Chimp will handle this for you. No more transistor or inverter chip hacks.

Q: So why would I ever want to use a PS3 Cthulhu instead of a Chimp?
A: There are some reasons for that as well.
1. If you're going to mod more than just a 360 and PS3 pad together, you'll have more than one cable coming out of the box, and risk causing severe problems if its ever plugged into more than one console at a time. The diodes on a PS3 Cthulhu will help you route all of the power in a way that is safe in case that ever happens.
2. The PS3 Cthulhu can be upgraded to an MC easily. The Chimp can ONLY support PS3/PC USB, and cannot and will not be upgradable to a Multi-Console version.
3. If you prefer using the Xbox360 board when connecting to a PC, a regular Imp will make that easier for you. Using the 360 pad on a PC requires holding down three buttons (Short, Strong, RoundHouse) when using a Chimp, while the Imp used just the one button or slide switch, however you set it up.

Q: What about other consoles like PSX, Gamecube, and Xbox1 supported on the MC Cthulhu?
A: They are not and cannot be made to work on the Chimp.

Q: Will there be an MC Chimp in the future?
A: No. I simply can't. The pins that would normally go to the extra console cables are currently used to control the Imp chip present on the Chimp.

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