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Originally Posted by JabbaWockeeZ View Post
General Points

- Do NOT bang the cabinet or be violent with the sticks if you've lost or whatever. It's a public property, not yours only. So childish.

- Stage select is frowned upon to varying degrees depending the formality of play.
> Banned in tournaments
> Banned in deathmatches
> Highly frowned upon in ranking battles
> Not considered cool in casuals
arghh.. sorry waktu itu gw d sms pernah gw gebuk mesinnya gara2 gw kalah..
tp skrg udh ngga kok. Cukup sekali aja...

Btw maksudnya stage select gmn?
pilih stage ga blh maksudnya?

btw sorry kalo pada ga ska sama cara maen gw ato tingkah gw pas maen..
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