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Default [XGE]Super Street Fighter 3 on 3 Tourney

======Perubahan tanggal dan sistem pemilihan team 3 on 3 XGE======

July 25th 2010 start 1:00pm till over
[*]3 on 3
[*]Last Man Standing ( Do I need to explain more? )
[*]Double Elimination
[*]Best of 3 buat Elimination Round
[*]Best of 5 buat semi-final & Final
[*]Time : 99
[*]Stage : Random
[*]We will shoot for 8 Teams first (that means 24 players total!!!!) open for more teams if we have more people registered
[*]Each team will be lead by Team Leader
[*]Team leaders are person that at least been on the top 4 of past tournament
[*]Member of team will be selected randomly
[*]Registration Rp.100.000,- / Team
[*]Prize : 70% - 100% of the pot ( Depend on Winning Round %

Team List:

Team name :
Team leader : Jeffrey (neor3v33s)
Team Member :

Team name :
Team leader : Bram (LuCied)
Team Member :

Team name :
Team leader : Chandra (eleison007)
Team Member :

Team name :
Team leader : Handy (ShadowTrail)
Team Member :

Team name :
Team leader : Felix (susubabi83)
Team Member :

Team name :
Team leader : Michael (KEN MIKE)
Team Member :

Team name :
Team leader : Telilius (cult)
Team Member :

Team name :
Team leader : Harman (-ManZ-)
Team Member :

I need more input from u guys........I need 3 more guys for team leader.....Need suggestion as I forgot whose been on top 4 on the past tournament........thx

Member registered so far that will be randomly add to the teams (members could be promoted to team leader by voting)
Please re-confirm if you cannot join this event
01. Aldy Kusuma (Toby)
02. Ming Ming Wulong
03. Erick
05. Warren De Souza
06. Lim Iskandar ( Joker)
07. Hendy
08. Stallone
09. Lee Ali Effendy
10. Henky
11. Andy Wijaya
12. Tommy Lung
13. Eddy CH
16. Boma
17. Erufan

tulis namanya masing2 ya kalo ada yg berminat ikut, siapa tau masuk team super yahud jadi modal gaji buta eh tembus juara, kan asoy

siapa tertarik???
onad? Irfan?
ya emang ga gratisan sih... cuma ya iseng2 berhadiah anggep aja

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