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Nih bagi yang penasaran dengan combo Eliza

Curcol Harada tentang Eliza and japanese culture
Why not? (TKR = TEKKEN Revolution, TTT2 = TEKKEN TAG 2).

- Reason(1) - Because she was elected by the vote campaign of TKR. TKR player has her preference.

- Reason(2) - The engine of TKR differs from the engine of TTT2. Making her appear in TTT2 = requires budget and time (development cost).

- Reason(3) - I said "I do not paid DLC (character, arts, stages) for TTT2" before TTT2 release. If we developed "Eliza for TTT2", the problem of cost will occur.

- Reason(4) - Your parents dislike "Paid DLC". You guys dislike "Company profits". In addition. The base system of "Paid Character DLC" is not contained in TTT2.

- Reason(5) - First of all, there was no request from TTT2 player about her.

- Reason(6) - Eliza says: "I do not want to work gratuitously".

- Reason(7) - The development team cannot understand the language which she speaks.

- Reason(8) - Japanese people are not knowledgeable about a vampire's culture, We cannot do distinction of Succubus and a vampire.

- Reason(9) - Almost all Japanese get drunk at an end of the year.

- Reason(10) - We Japanese people eat Kentucky fried chicken on Christmas. Yes, we don't know what is Christmas.

- Reason(11) - In Japan, it is only the women who give chocolates to men on Valentine's Day. Yes, we don't know who is Valentine.

- Reason(12) - Almost all Japanese think "We can live in Germany. Because, a lots of beer and sausages are there".

- Reason(13) - Japanese people will "mechanize" anything. There is a vending machine anywhere(over 5,300,000 machines). We have Real Gundam and 30% of Japanese people is already Robocop or Terminator or Miku Hatsune.

- Reason(14) - If you drop a wallet in Japan, the Wallet and money will return to you. However, only an "umbrella" does not come back.

- Reason(15) - Almost all Japanese can't do "Ninja". But if we drink alcohol, We will transform "Super Saiyan" like Dragonball.

That's why. That's all.

source ATP
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