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Default Tekken Etiquette 101

General Points
- When playing side by side, give the other player a reasonable share of the room.

- If you want to play on a machine, place down your coin and wait for the game to end. Be aware that others may have placed theirs down before you though. If you're not sure, just ask.

- When placing your coin, please wait between rounds to do it rather than leaning over during a match and distracting someone.

- Don't be an asshole and ignore someone putting their coin down. You might get an extra game if someone is too timid to confront you, but people think you're a prick.

- Don't be a greedy when it comes to Roulette Rush. If someone's having a roulette and he keeps winning, please give another player a chance to get his share of roulette if you've lost. Don't go "Hey, I've inserted enough coins to play twice!". It just proves that you're childish, greedy, and ignorant.

- Do NOT bang the cabinet or be violent with the sticks if you've lost or whatever. It's a public property, not yours only. So childish.

- Stage select is frowned upon to varying degrees depending the formality of play.
> Banned in tournaments
> Banned in deathmatches
> Highly frowned upon in ranking battles
> Not considered cool in casuals
- When playing, even if you're dominating someone don't be a smartass about it and d+4 them to death or something similar. If you're especially nice, offer some hints and tips.

- Please, please, please. Do not bitch about Throw/Grab abuse. If someone grabs you a lot in a game and you lost, please don't yell about it. Most grabs are breakable (save for several uf+34 grabs, which is unbreakable but duckable). Only scrubs that can't break grabs. Are you a scrub? I don't think so.

- This one is the most obvious, but the most disregarded. DON'T CARD CHICKEN. It just hurts the scene overall and make you look like a bitch. It's just a fucking rank, grow up. If you deserve it, you'll get it back.

Deathmatch Specific Etiquette

Deathmatches can be formal or informal.
In a formal deathmatch, two players or more holding the same or very similar ranks will agree to sit down and play consecutive games until one of them promotes, or / and demotes the other(s).

If you're involved in these matches:
> Please do not leave until the deathmatch is over unless it's been going for a long time and you have train/bus to catch or similar
> If someone places their coins, explain to them you're having a deathmatch.
> Once the deathmatch has finished, give others a chance to play, even if you've got another card of the same rank. You'll get another chance to go at it, but you've just had 5-6 games in a row you greedy bastard. Besides, your hands are shaking, and you need to take a rest.
Deathmatches tend to be over in 5-6 fights, but can go for longer. People can't abuse deathmatching because they can't perpetually hold the same rank. If someone claims to be deathmatching when playing ranks apart or cardless, slap them over the back of the head and tell them "My mama didn't raise no fool!".

An INFORMAL deathmatch is where two people of the same or similar ranks sit down to play each other without any prearranged agreement. Generally, it's considered polite to let them play until one demotes or promotes even if you're waiting to play.

If you see two people of the same rank playing an informal deathmatch and you have a card of that rank, feel free to throw a challenge and join. It's perfectly acceptable to request a match when you've got the same ranked card to challenge the winner. HOWEVER, if you interrupt to challenge and play cardless or with an irrelevant card, people will think you're a tossbag.

A and B were playing an informal deathmatch with their Master ranked King and Christie. They played 3-4 games back and forth. C (you) have a Master ranked Jack and threw a challenge to play against the winner. B won the match, and as C was about to sit down, D (whom had been watching) asked if he could go before C. C said fine, assuming that D had a Master ranked card too and had been waiting.
D then proceeded to play cardless (or with a 1st Dan card). Interrupting like this to play a nothing game (and possible kick a deathmatch participant off of the machine) was extremely poor etiquette.


Hope that helps you out.

*Disadur dari tulisan: "Tekken Etiquette 101" by St.George @ Tekken Zaibatsu; dan diubah seperlunya.

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