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Default Rangkuman Location Test kedua Tekken 7

Minggu lalu(22 & 23 November 2014) Bandai Namco kembali mengadakan location test untuk game Tekken 7, di Osaka, Fukuoka dan dua kota lainnya. Pada kesempatan ini para pemain di Jepang memainkan versi Tekken 7 yang hampir sama dengan yang ada di location test pertama.

Namun ada beberapa info beserta video menarik yang muncul dari location test kali ini.

Seperti beberapa penemuan mengenai Leo dari Kuro Kuro & Pikochan
  • The reach on the first hit of d/b+4,1 is decreased. (Really sure on this)
  • KNK 2 and ff+4,3 are tailspin/kirimomi moves.
  • d/f+2+3 (The kneeling low) attack frame date seems to have been made a little worse. The frames on normal hit is a little less with the frames on block maybe a bit more worse. (He mentions that d/f+2+3 on hit into ws+4 used to beat opponent's fastest lows)
  • u/f+1,2 animation on hit for the opponent has changed. Looks like Bryan's mach breaker on hit animation. Since Tekken 7 removed the standard backroll, maybe we can chase after the opponent after u/f+1,2?

  • Launch -> f+2 -> b+1, 4 ~ d/f -> ws+3 -> f+4 -> KNK 2 -> Kirimomi/tailspin -> dash in (fff) -> b+2, 1+2 - > ff+3

    Wall Combo:
  • End with b+2, 1+2 -> d+3+4 (stomp)
Untuk lebih lengkap nya click link berikut ini.

Di Tekken Zaibatsu ada Onizuk@ pemain asal Jerman yang mengambil beberapa foto, video, dan kesan-kesan bermain Tekken 7.
Originally posted by Onizuk@
Got both Banapass cards (Claudio and Katarina) and 3 of these stickers.

photos from the location test and the limited Banapass cards:


video footage with AO:


  • movement in general feels similar to TR
    new get up animation: seems a bit slow, but more safe than in TTT2
    Kirimomi is a really good balance for characters who have shitty wallcarry
    rage arts is still really unsafe on block, so a blocked rage arts move is like instant death
    (just look at that video where AO is doing a rage art move with Claudio, that Feng player blocked it and punished with b+1+2)
    network: I absolutely felt no lag when playing some guys from other location test cities.


1.75 times better than TTT2 and it's not even finished yet. But actually I don't care that much about the graphics at all, unless it really affects the framerate. It shouldn't drop, since I prefer constant framerate.
I would be fine with 720p and 60fps.

Paul specific info:

d/f+2: seems to have the same range like in TTT2 (still safe on block)
qcf+2: still does ....

new moves:

b+1,2 (h,h) => seems just as ...
sample juggles:
d/f+2, f+2, f+2, b+1,2 (A!), d+4:2:1+2
u/f+3,4 , b+1,2 (A!) ....

overall: Feels better than TK6:BR Paul, because ....

Cek kesan-kesannya di sini

Tekken 7_2nd location test_AO (Claudio) vs. CPU (various)

Tekken 7_2nd location test_AO (Claudio) vs CPU (FENG)

Tekken 7_2nd location test_AO (Claudio) vs. human player (FENG)

Tekken 7 Location Test #2 Lili vs Asuka

Tekken 7 Location Test #2 Xiaoyu Vs. Claudio #2

Tekken 7 location test #2 Xiaoyu vs Alisa

Tekken 7 location test #2 Xiaoyu vs dragunov

Tekken 7 location test #2 Xiaoyu vs. Claudio #1
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