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Originally Posted by ®~TecH View Post
Bos Saya Mao Yang Ada Dibawah Ini:D

Jay Chou On The Run
Jay Chou World Tour 2008
Jay Chou Capricorn
Jay Chou Incomparable Live Concert
Jay Chou + Jolin On The Run + Agent J
SS501 Live in Japan 2008
OST Boys Before Flowers
Lee Hom Our Song 2008
Asia Song Festival 2008
Golden Disk Award 2008

Btw Jadi Brp Yach(Tolong Dijabarin Yah+Ongkirnya^^)?

Saya Tinggal Di Jakarta Timur:D

Totalnya 7 DVD @ 4500 + 5 CD @ 5000 + 1 CD @ 3000 + ongkir 6000
Semuanya 65500.
Hubungi aku aja lewat email atau SMS ke 0852 214 67870
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Update :

Seri Mandarin :
Niu Lang and Zhi Nu END (Ady An,Tian Liang) - 7 DVD
Family END (Lu Yi,Huang Yi) - 6 DVD
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I'm hKyo89 from RamenSoupSubs, a fan group that subs Korean TV Show Family Outing. and I found that you are selling our subs.


if you wanna share our subs, please share them for FREE coz we didn't either sub Family Outing to earn profit for us or nor to let other people earn profit from our subs. we never charged you any penny to download our subs, so why you should charge people to have our subs?

if you share the same reason as others, which is wanting to help people that have slow internet connection, and if you REALLY wanna help them, you should just give them for FREE since we never charged you any penny to download our subs either. if you can't, then do not do that. we have received many excuses that said they didn't take any profit, but please remember this, a cent is also a profit. and what you are doing now is considered as taking profit of our FREE subs. so please remove our works from your list here and your blog. we have kindly given them many solutions to watch our subs with slow internet connection such as stream online in our YouTube channel or download our subs partially from MF links. so any excuse is NOT acceptable.

your username, email and IP address are being investigated now, and will be in our black list. you'll be banned from our forum if you DIDN'T STOP selling our subs(*). being banned means you can't download our SoftSubs and HS HQ videos anymore. yet, I'm still waiting other Admins' opinions regarding this matter, whether you'll be banned or not, but I vote myself to ban you from our forum, means I only have to wait one of other Admins' approval to ban you from our forum.

please send me email to hkyo89jp-sonohoka@yahoo.co.jp if you have any question or opinion regarding this issue.

(*) it still depends on other Admins' opinions, there is a possibility you will be banned even though you have stopped selling our subs.



bcc: indotekken.com forum administrator

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