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nemu lagi..
tapi karena gw blom test..jadi gw quote aj dari TZ..

source: http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com/forums...hreadid=113682
Originally posted by n8nmonster
I've messed around with two different versions of a tournament maker:

tournament maker (tm2.1)

tio tournament organizer

tm2.0 (now 2.1) is what ive seen most people use beforehand. tio tournament organizer is a newer program based on the design of tournament maker with some new features -- more particularly, station and current match tracking (where you can assign and track which station a match is going on at and which stations are open).

the only problem ive seen with the tio version is the seed sorting for double elimination where losers coming from winners side are sorted differently than what you would normally see in tm2.1 and playpool.com. of course, this could end up preference on which way of losers side seeding you wouldnt mind using (cuz hey, it auto generates and is already doing all the work for you). just note that long time tournament players are more familiar with the sorting done on brackets found at playpool.com, of which tm2.1 uses the same kind of sorting. so choose whichever one you think would generate the least complaints. thankfully, tio also allows for manual sorting of where people would end up after the bracket is made (but that could take a lot of work depending on number of participants).

with that in mind, i prefer tm2.1 for double elimination and tio for large scale single elimination for the easier station tracking.
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