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Tekken 6 !!!
Tekken 6 sebagai seri Tekken 6 terbaru saat ini sudah di rilis di berbagai negara. Mulai dari Jepang, Canada, Korea dan UK. SYSTEM INFORMATION
  • “BOUND” system is the extra bounce done when ending juggles with moves that knock down the opponent. The “Bind” can extend combo potential greatly, for example with Lili: u/f+3, (new stun), d/f+2, d/f+1, 1, d/f+3, B!(Bound), d/f+3+4,3+4, BT +3 !

o ALL CHARACTERS FROM TEKKEN 5 DR EXCEPT JINPACHI and MOKUJIN have been revealed to be in Tekken 6!
o The game is currently about 50% complete(AS OF 06/19/07). There are definately 2 new characters yet to be seen, with the possibility of MORE. Please keep in mind that the game is still in beta testing and the final product will be different from how it is now.
o Live Monitor panel now has touch screen functionality. You can view either the live match or view other matches recorded throughout Japan.
o In T5DR, to be broadcasted on TEKKEN-NET live monitors you had to be Fujin ranked or above. For Tekken 6 it allows lower ranked matches to be broadcasted on the live network.
o Ranking starts at Beginner.
o Rankings will now be international.
o Tekken Teams/Clans can use an original common item.
o Teams/Clans will now be assigned a rank/level.
o You can achieve medals by completing certain tasks. Much like Virtua Fighter 5. For example, get a 15 win streak, receive a 15 win streak medal/reward.
o There are 12 total stages. Some stages are connected to each other. Not all stages will have a linked stage.
o There will still be infinite stages.
o For breakable stages, there are unique combos/juggles you can perform on those stages only.
o Namco does not intend to do minor patches/tweaks to the game(like VF5 does), instead they plan on launching the game and having it as balanced as possible in November.
o The new Tekken 6 arcade board has faster read/load times than Tekken 5ark Resurrection.

o “Even more beautiful, even more dramatic”
o “Thanks to the latest CG technology, the characters have enormous radiance and close to reality beauty”
o “By utilizing the capabilities of the new hardware at the outmost, tha game offers 12 new stagies full of variety”
o “Moving in the stages” (As far as I can read there are multiple areas.)
o “With the present characters and the newcomers, it has the biggest charcater collection in the entire history of Tekken”
o “New moves, old moves redone, game balance renovation”
o “Medal system”
o “Customization that surpasses the simple frame of the color-change and items-accessories”
o “With concept items the customization undergoes a rapid evolution”
o “Not just item-accessory but move-items” (Items that provide new movements)

o The deluxe arcade cabinet will retail for 4,480,000.00 JPY(36,229.72 USD) and will include a LIVE monitor, 2 Tekken 6 PCBs, 4 game stations.
o The standard arcade cabinet will retail for 1,758,000.00 JPY(14,210.26 USD) and will include 1 Tekken 6 PCB and 2 game stations.
o The Tekken 6 arcade board/PCB kit will retail for 598,000.00 JPY(4,833.86 USD) and will include 1 Tekken 6 PCB, 2 Tekken 6 control panels, and a Sega Net City kit.
o The LIVE monitor will be 42 inches and output at 720p, the deluxe cabinet monitors are 32 inches and will output at 720p as well.

o “New system, Rage system”
o “Two more unknown new characters, which are not playable now.”
o “There is no time release.”
o “Any data of T5DR card can’t be transfered.”
o “Every chara has their special item to do funny attack, which you can buy via TEKKEN-net. (Marduk attacks with iron rod. Bruce breeds chickens, wearing something like ki-charge.”

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