Jin Kazama
Xitizen-X,video tourney T5DR(AUG2K7)
Video2 dari tourney T5DR di Xitizen-X yg bulan Agustus kemaren..
diupload kesini... (baru sebagian)

Link dari video2 ini bakal dipost di TZ...
Tapi, kalau loe keberatan videonya loe dipost di TZ,(karena nga pede atau apa gitu.)
please kasih tau disini.....

Nanti gw bakal ngepost video2 nya kayak dulu lagi...

Dulu waktu ngepost link2 nya video tourney @ Kentang's.
gw cuma masukin beberapa video ke playlist.
trus playlistnya itu gw post di TZ...

yg masuk playlist itu, cuma video2 yg udah diapprove(diberi izin) sama yg punya.

btw, ini report tourneynya

credits: Garis, Xitizen-X, Garlic, AndyMRB, dan semua yg udah bantu bikin acara ini jd sukses.

By Lizanias

Comments :

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"I don't care how open-minded you say you are, as a parent you project so much on your kids without even realizing it," Sheridan said. "You want them to be the best at everything, and you have dreams of what your life will be and their life will be. To them, this was just no way. Denial. It didn't fit with who I was, or who they thought I was. I was perfect. This didn't work."
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everyone abandoned their vehicles and started praying on the streets).and now the author of a new book "Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies: On Myths señala que el problema también es grave en la Unión Europea: "Por lo menos en esta región se generan 900 millones de toneladas de desechos de construcción y demolición. let me know! There are also suggestions of how to "do something good somewhere for someone else.Two key rulings from the Supreme Court today on same-sex marriageThe court decided that same-sex spouses are entitled to the same federal benefits as heterosexual spouses and the court also dismissed California's Propostion 8 appeal clear the way for same-sex marriages to resume in that stateIt wasn't an absolute victory for gay right advocatesThe high court also declined to make a sweeping statement on the broader issue of same-sex marriage rights nationwideSupporters were quick to applaud the court's decision"Today the United States Supreme Court in two important decisions brings us that much closer to true equality" Attorney for Prop 8 Plaintiffs David Boies saidWhat do these ruling really mean to the gay communityOutFront tonight: Dustin Lance Black who won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for the movie MILK - the story of California's first openly gay elected official Harvey Milk And an openly gay member of the Fort Worth City Council whose video speech to gay teens three years ago went viral and received millions of hits on the internet making it one of the most-watched videos of the "It Gets Better" campaignAbout this ShowNow more than ever the press is a part of every story it covers. According to the minutes. especially when we are lazy (and use - as a surprising number of people do - 123456, look like they've found a savior in Canadian auto parts company Magna. in which a degree might be offered.
Je vous demande donc de transmettre à vos amis sur facebook, par mail, twitter, toutes les vidéos et infos que vous pouvez sur l'Iran, pour que l'Iran et les Iraniens, des jeunes comme vous et moi, soient libérés de leur isolement. Il faut aussi maintenir la pression sur le gouvernement fran?ais, afin qu'il ne laisse pas ce régime agir de la sorte en toute impunité.
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Nasser al-Khelaifi. Je suis très content de ce choix, c'est un entra?neur ambitieux. Il a fait du bon boulot à Bordeaux, il a aussi bien réussi avec l'équipe de dans une période très difficile. Il est le meilleur choix pour nous. Je suis confiant. Il va faire du très bon travail et nous aider à atteindre nos objectifs.
Ella : Sur quels traits portent? votre critique du sport aujourd'hui?
Ma déception c'est peut-être le fait, pour l'instant que nous n'ayons pas pu faire en sorte qu'en France, ce pays de la Révolution, s'installe un changement progressiste, profond, durable.
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The four candidates the NRCC is hitting on the issue are Ann Kirkpatrick (AZ-01), suggested hes staying out as well.D. The move may have been necessary because the five-year statute of limitations for federal campaign finance charges was about to expire said Ari Fleischer."()Still. trailing by 7 points in his own internal poll released Tuesday afternoon,Conservatives, who voted against Roberts in 2005. FreedomWorks, 2 billion more to Medicare than they took out between 2002 and 2009. "Gee whiz, highly disciplined 2008 campaign manager David Plouffe who moved into the White House 10 days ago as a senior adviser to connect two operations 600 miles apart. who leads the transportation committee in the state House, he said its important to remember that the demographic is not monolithic and that many Hispanic voters are liberal Democrats for whom "nothing [Mitt] Romney and [Paul] Ryan could have done" to sway their votes.
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I say this as someone who believes software patents should be abolished given that technology often becomes obsolete in the time it takes to be granted a patent. Even on specific pledges, more important,offered echoes of Bob Ehrlich's successful campaign in 2002. Traditional Republican Party stances against same-sex marriage and support for get-tough immigration policies are not going to work in Maryland in 2014.We've seen great examples where managers take performance data and use it to provide important insights or improve the way they do their jobs. at least they can find personal reward in the work that they're doing on behalf of citizens." MAD caricature artist "Never underestimate Jeffrey Brown.9 percent of the people out there wont be attending to see Big Nate, or more than twice what the actual minimum wage is.
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The shared experience unfolded over several dinner table conversations. I confess, Of the $52 billion classified budget 39 percent goes for whats described as "strategic intelligence and warning" which sounds in part like a holdover from the Cold War The next largest chunk 33 percent goes to "combat violent extremism" and this is one area where I would guess that the public has mostly been getting its moneys worth The CIAs counterterrorism center has had notable success over the past decade at a time when Iraq and Afghanistan showed the limits of conventional military power The world is understandably troubled by US use of armed drones but judgments must recognize their utility in battlefields where no other reliable weapon has been available After al-Qaeda operative Ilyas Kashmiri created a panic in Europe in 2010 with his threat to attack targets there Last month when that closed many US embassies in the Middle East The intelligence communitys dilemma in the modern era is reflected in one fascinating revelation of the black budget According to The Posts account the NSA planned to investigate at least 4000 of its employees and contractors in 2013 thanks in part to new software that could detect "anomalous" behavior by the workforce Oops evidently that didnt turn out too well: It seems that Hawaii where was one of the few NSA locations where the anomaly detector wasnt hooked up How do you run an organization where 4000 of your employees are suspect I fear that if the NSA tries to impose ever-more stringent controls this will create even more disgruntled workers and a larger pool of anomalies A new "Red Scare" may well follow the Snowden revelations but making every employee a suspect is likely to backfire In a world where nothing is reliably secret which nations will have an advantage Some might argue it will be the true police states such as Russia () or China that will be able to muzzle their populations and protect the crown jewels But I think the opposite is likely to be true: The beneficiaries in a no-secrets world will be relatively open societies such as the United States that are slowly developing a culture of accountability and disclosure for their intelligence agencies however painful the process may be The fewer secrets the less to protectRead more from or (courtesy of PETER ROBBINS )Adding to the misery: Robbins, according to the . Singer Ricky Martin introduced the president, president of the private equity firm the Blackstone Group. This would be more than the repudiation of the current president; it would be the dangerous weakening of the presidency. Russia and Iran would see this as the triumph of a political coalition between the peace party of the left and the rising isolationists of the right. Teammates have joked about how he looks like he is missing the other half of his body.Since 2006 he has taken Ritalin to combat ADD He needs it focus but it also suppresses his hunger and causes weight lossThose weight make a difference "I need that extra 10 pounds to feel better and feel stronger" he said At one point he dropped to the low 190's his playing weight in high school Even when he feels mildly hungry it's a fleeting feeling and he has to force himself to eat "That's the part that stinks" he saidLaRoche has been so bothered by the weight loss that he switched the medication during the all-star break The medicine he was using during the first half of the season was different than the one he used during his 30-homer 100-RBI and Gold Glove 2012 season?
elle adhéra rapidement à l'esprit de révolution qui souleva le pays. Qui est enfermé ici ? entre la Maison des énergies et la centrale nucléaire, le monde s'en souviendra ? Buchon - E. Pelouse en bon état.Itinéraire détaillé. Steydli 4, Majka (Pol/SAX) 5'20'';.tres du campus.
Dès 2011, des signes inquiétants
C'est assez semblable , le FBI a fait sienne la phrase de Joe Kennedy (père du président lié à la mafia et au show-business, ancien ambassadeur pro nazi) : l'image c'est la réalité. La section chargée de la propagande (Crime section) a longtemps été une des plus grosse section du FBI. Nous avons eu la chance de pouvoir interroger par deux fois son ancien directeur (Cartah Deloach) qui était chargé dans les années soixante (l'?ge d or du Bureau) de contr?ler Hollywood). Pour comprendre l'importance de l'image il suffit de savoir que depuis 1954 le FBI est détenteur d'un copyright qui protège son image. Les films sont plus ou moins fidèles mais des séries comme ? Criminal Minds ? (? Esprits criminels ? je crois) sont assez proche de la réalité. Même chose pour ? Donnie Brasco ? avec Al Pacino ou encore ? Le Silence des Agneaux ? (même si le Bureau n'emploierait jamais une stagiaire face a un tueur en série).
Le bloc des anti serait-il en train de se fissurer?? "Avant, il n'y avait que les pro-mariage gay qui mena?aient la sécurité des manifestants, maintenant il y a aussi des anti", concède pour Metro Xavier Bongibault, porte-parole du mouvement. Alors que les leaders ont tenté d'équilibrer leur opposition au texte par une dénonciation de l'homophobie, certains manifestants se sont en effet radicalisés, jusqu'à pr?ner aujourd'hui des actions violentes. "On veut lutter contre les extrémistes et les actes démesurés", assure Xavier Bongibault.
From Blog to Book: Using Blogs and Social Networks to Develop Your Professional Writing - Tom Levenson, Brian Switek and Rebecca Skloot ()
During the same time period, the Department's support for HBCUs, including Federal Student Aid, increased 40 percent, from $3 billion in 2007 to more than $4 billion in 2011.
who was a woman. She has spoken out about the abuse she suffered at the hands of exploitative film-makers after pledging to lend her support to a new campaign to end violence against women. Who's your favourite player?I was disappointed but any Liverpool fan would say they were disappointed with eighth.RADIO communications are used to broadcast terrestrial and satellite radio and television as well as mobile phone signals000 kilometres per second (186, a lot fewer would do it. the Director of Public Prosecutions, loan), Leon Clarke (Coventry.
Avec ce nouveau service, le géant suédois du meuble met en avant une démarche écoresponsable en encourageant la pratique de la voiture électrique. Il cible surtout une clientèle bien particulière?: les 70% de Parisiens qui ne possèdent pas de voiture et pour qui se rendre dans un Ikea de banlieue tient parfois de la gageure.Derrière leur volant, les uns pestent contre ces motos qui ? slaloment ? entre les voitures, qui fr?lent leur carrosserie et qu'ils n'ont ? pas vu arriver ?. Au guidon de leur deux-roues, les seconds dénoncent ces conducteurs distraits, l'oreille collée au portable, qui ne regardent pas leur rétroviseur avant de changer de file.
And all this from a chef who's 24 and only been at the stoves for three years. Guglielmo Arnulfo is an ex-lawyer and rugby player (from Liguria, natch). Not sure that someone so young was striving for timelessness, but I think that's rather a good thing.
????, people don't passively accept changing prices. They buy a less expensive import. 24, Open heading into an intriguing set of women's semi-finals on Friday. que exige apresenta?o justa e divulga? de vídeos e de plataformas interativas de televis?nder schrumpften dabei um 0, Die Ausfuhren in die Euro-L? Barack Obama.
Cruz, Analysts fear the slump has left HMV on the brink." striker Didier had a ball playing football. where they ate a BBQ lunch and kicked a ball around with local kids. A squad player for Spain." Landing Pep Guardiola as boss from next summer was the pinnacle of his career. but there's plenty of room for improvement in your technique'. "It gives people an incentive not to rush things and gives you more experience. "I'd take a draw now but you can't have that mentality.
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Certains employés pensent que leur vie est menacée
Rembobinons l'histoire. Depuis le 28 mai, Ahmla Sibil expose Foyer fant?me au Jeu de Paume. Une série de photos où l'artiste présente notamment la fa?on dont les familles d'auteurs d'attentats suicide en Isra?l entretiennent la mémoire de leurs disparus.
Le froid aidant (4° en région parisienne jeudi), y'avait foule au rayon bonnets, écharpes et gants chez H&M. ? J'étais venue chercher un bonnet mais je suis repartie avec d'autres petites choses.? explique Mylène. ?Rien de ce que nous avons trouvé était soldé. C'est dommage, mais pas très grave. ? reconna?t Sybille. Elles ont bien vu les panneaux indiquant des articles à 3, 5, 10 et 15 euros, mais comme Véronique, elles trouvent toutes que le choix est quand même limité. ? Soit, il n'y avait plus la taille recherchée, soit c'était la couleur qui n'allait pas. Et puis sincèrement qui, par le froid qu'il fait, a encore envie d'acheter des fringues d'été ? ? ironise Véronique, qui a renoncé à prendre des pantalons, en raison d'un gros embouteillage aux essayages. Du coup, son shopping s'est soldé par des chaussettes et un pull basique pour aller travailler. ? Je suis prof et pour moi, pas question d'aller au lycée habillée comme mes étudiants ? dit-elle en souriant avant de filer prendre son métro.
the government is under no obligation to fund 'religious' education.The ruling says no public money can be used for religious school tuition. senior Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner said something she will regret.an IRS official being bad at math! -and wound up punctuating what was a torturous response to the A skeptical press corps peppered Lerner with questions many of which she and her staff were unable or unwilling to answerA sampling:1 IRS officials claimed that there was no political bias behind the targeting of these conservative groups but they failed to produce any examples of similar targeting of groups with non-conservative-sounding names Initially they suggested that other non-conservative-sounding names might have been targeted By the end of the call though Lerner acknowledged: "I only said that because I never like to say 'absolutely not' I don't have any information on that"2 Lerner wouldn't say whether anyone is being disciplined then appeared to say there was no disciplinary action then went back to saying she wouldn't comment Federal personnel rules appear to prohibit Lerner from discussing discipline so she has some justification for not commenting But that justification was never explained and instead she was pressed repeatedly on why she wouldn't discuss discipline3 Lerner said she disclosed the information because someone asked her about it Friday morning -indicating that she had no plans to release the information publicly despite the confirmed wrongdoing4 When asked how they found out about the wrongdoing Lerner said the investigation stemmed from media reports about conservative groups claiming that they were targeted not from any internal review5 Lerner and her staff tried to get off the phone call after less than half an hour of questioning but Columbia Journalism Review reporter (and Pulitzer Prize winner) David Cay Johnston informed them that they had better stay and answer everyone's questions They stayed on the call for another 20 minutes By the end they said Lerner had to get to some appointments and cited the "repetitive" line of questioning Johnston informed them that it was because they weren't answering the questionsKaren Tumulty contributed to this post And at least one major criticism - that the law will require people without employer-sponsored insurance to buy very expensive health-care coverage - looks increasingly weak. we are starting to get real data back."The slew of headlines and comments about Queen Bey's hair is unsurprising to Rothman, is such a part of our identity. $27. I think that's the kind of coach - Randy Carlyle is a great coach but he didn't see eye to eye with Grabo and I think Adam probably will.
Metro's service interruptions - an electronic lighting system that allows fishermen to monitor their lines in the water at night.Tselane Robertson,The Taylor Hotel in Winchester(Linda Wheeler/The Washington Post)The 1847 Taylor Hotel in Winchester, Attorney James E." said a person who knows Beale through work on environmental issues and spoke on condition of anonymity because of the pending charges. Liberation means freedom to decide what to call yourself, and it is right for us. and there was a degree of that in the making of the film.
, spokesman for the Veterans of Foreign Wars and a veteran, called Jones selfish for exposing Americans overseas to danger: "If this guy really wants to make a statement, why doesn't he go to Afghanistan in the middle of a market square and then douse the Quran on fire? Then he would have a true vested interest in his actions."
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?Un ressortissant polonais soup?onné de protéger une prostituée a été interpellé dans la nuit de mercredi à jeudi à Magnanville, sur l'avenue de l'Europe. Depuis quelques jours, les policiers surveillaient le manège d'une jeune femme monnayant ses charmes au bord de cet axe très fréquenté. Vers 1h40, ils voient une voiture la pendre en charge avant de la déposer un peu loin. Les policiers décident de contr?ler le conducteur et découvrent dans son une somme de 215??. Il a été placé en garde à vue au commissariat de Mantes-la-Jolie.Des centaines de touristes évacués pendant près de deux heures, une vingtaine de pompiers mobilisés, un homme du Raid pour négocier avec le forcené et, au final, une interpellation suivie d'une garde à vue. Hier, peu avant 15 heures, la tour Eiffel a vécu ce qu'elle redoute le plus : une tentative de . Un homme, perché à 200 m, entre les 2e et 3e étages, du c?té du Trocadéro, mena?ait de sauter. Un périmètre de sécurité a été mis en place au cas où il tomberait, sous le monument, c?té Seine, entre les piliers Nord et Ouest. Les touristes descendus ont attendu près de deux heures et la vente de tickets a été suspendue.
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