Jin Kazama
Xitizen-X,video tourney T5DR(AUG2K7)
Video2 dari tourney T5DR di Xitizen-X yg bulan Agustus kemaren..
diupload kesini... (baru sebagian)

Link dari video2 ini bakal dipost di TZ...
Tapi, kalau loe keberatan videonya loe dipost di TZ,(karena nga pede atau apa gitu.)
please kasih tau disini.....

Nanti gw bakal ngepost video2 nya kayak dulu lagi...

Dulu waktu ngepost link2 nya video tourney @ Kentang's.
gw cuma masukin beberapa video ke playlist.
trus playlistnya itu gw post di TZ...

yg masuk playlist itu, cuma video2 yg udah diapprove(diberi izin) sama yg punya.

btw, ini report tourneynya

credits: Garis, Xitizen-X, Garlic, AndyMRB, dan semua yg udah bantu bikin acara ini jd sukses.

By Lizanias

Comments :

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As a result of the changes, the spacewalk now is expected to begin at 9:38 a.m. EST, about an hour and a half later than originally planned, and will last six hours instead of six-and-a-half."It was almost the exact same signature as we had (Thursday) night," Flight Director Jerry Jason said early today. "Once again, there was a false, rapid depress annunciation, the vehicle went through its automatic response, shut off all its ventilation, shut down a lot of the environmental equipment that's associated with it."It was a little different from the standpoint that we had two crew members in the airlock doing what we call the camp out for the EVA that's going to be happening (Saturday). The idea is by doing the camp out, we're cutting down the amount of time they have to prebreathe in their suits, breathing pure oxygen, in order to make sure all the nitrogen's out of their system so they won't suffer any bends effects when they go outside with the very low pressure in their suits."As part of the station's automated response to the depressurization alarm, "we automatically equalized the airlock and the rest of the vehicle ... the idea being the crew can get out in the event of an emergency situation," Jason said. "That automatically happened."Foreman and Bresnik immediately donned oxygen masks in an attempt to maintain the pre-spacewalk protocol."Unfortunately, because of the amount of time it took for us to get the equipment started back up in the station, we ended up having the crew take the masks off eventually and we're going to do something different for the EVA prep (Saturday), which we call the exercise pre-breathe protocol," Jason said."We'll get the crew on oxygen masks and ... we'll have them do some exercise. The surgeons already know what amount of exercise it takes to get the crew's metabolic rate up to 75 and 90 percent ... get the heart rate up, they'll be breathing pure oxygen, so that's another way we do to have them get the nitrogen out of their systems."Adding a bit of drama to the proceedings, Bresnik's wife, Rebecca, had been scheduled to deliver the couple's second child, a girl, on Friday, two weeks ahead of her December due date. But as of Friday afternoon, Flight Director Brian Smith said he had not received an update and there was no mention in the crew's daily "execute package" of instructions and timeline changes.This will be the 135th spacewalk devoted to station assembly and maintenance since construction began in 1998, the 16th so far this year and the second of three planned by the shuttle Discovery's crew,. Foreman will be making his fifth spacewalk while Bresnik will be making his first.For identification purposes, Foreman's suit features solid red stripes around the legs while Bresnik's features broken stripes.While Foreman and Bresnik are preparing for the crew's second spacewalk, Hobaugh and Melvin, operating the shuttle's robot arm, plan to pull a second spare parts pallet from its perch in the shuttle's cargo bay, the first step in a complex installation procedure.The ELC-2 carrier holds a second spare control moment gyroscope on the pallet's upper surface, along with the 1,240-pound high-pressure oxygen tank and a cargo transport container housing spare remote power control module circuit breakers.Another nitrogen tank assembly is bolted to ELC-2's lower side, along with another coolant system pump module and a spooled power line designed to play out and retract as the robot arm's mobile transporter moves along the front side of the station's solar power truss.After Hobaugh and Melvin pull ELC-2 from the cargo bay, space station flight engineer Jeffrey Williams and commander Frank De Winne will lock on with the station's robot arm and maneuver it into place on the right side of the power truss. About halfway through the ELC-2 installation procedure, Foreman and Bresnik will begin the mission's second spacewalk."On EVA 2 we go outside and we get a couple of antennas that are going to be put on the outside of the Columbus (laboratory) module," Bresnik said in a NASA interview. "One of them is a (maritime navigation system) antenna that will go on the front side of the Columbus (module). The other one's essentially a ham radio antenna that'll go on the bottom side out of the starboard end of Columbus. So we're both going to go ahead and put the antennas in and string the cable, get it powered up."Then we head over and we're going to go ahead and take an antenna that is up on the starboard side that has to be maneuvered over to the port side to make room for the AMS, or Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, that's going to come up on the final shuttle mission."Once that work is done, Foreman and Bresnik will make their way to the upper side of the S3 starboard truss segment to deploy another cargo mounting mechanism like the one used to anchor the ELCs. That will allow "other flights to come up and put their hardware on the cupboard, or the shelf of the space station for later use," Bresnik said."And then the last thing we're going to do is we're going to take an antenna that helps with the wireless video system when we're doing EVAs, we're going to take and install an antenna that was inside the airlock, we're going to take it out with us and install it back on the S3, back where we're doing the (payload attach system) system and put that out there so we've got better coverage when we have our crew members going out to do an EVA."The spacewalkers originally planned to spend a half hour on another get-ahead task, but because of the overnight alarms and the altered schedule, that work was deleted.Here is an updated timeline of today's activity (in EST and mission elapsed time; includes revision G of the NASA television schedule):EST........DD...HH...MM...EVENT11/21/0903:58 AM...04...13...30...Crew wakeup05:13 AM...04...14...45...EVA-2: Exercise EVA prep05:28 AM...04...15...00...ISS daily planning conference06:48 AM...04...16...20...Shuttle arm (SRMS) unberths ELC-207:28 AM...04...17...00...Station arm (SSRMS) grapples ELC-207:38 AM...04...17...10...EVA-2: Spacesuit purge07:43 AM...04...17...15...SRMS ungrapples ELC-207:53 AM...04...17...25...EVA-2: Spacesuit prebreathe08:53 AM...04...18...25...EVA-2: Crew lock depressurization09:38 AM...04...19...10...EVA-2: Spacesuits to battery power09:48 AM...04...19...20...EVA-2: Airlock egress09:43 AM...04...19...15...SSRMS installs ELC-210:08 AM...04...19...40...EVA-2: GATOR install10:28 AM...04...20...00...SSRMS grapples MBS-111:23 AM...04...20...55...EVA-2: FPMU relocate12:53 PM...04...22...25...EVA-2: S3 zenith PAS deploy02:23 PM...04...23...55...EVA-2: CP1 WETA install02:23 PM...04...23...55...SSRMS releases MBS-203:08 PM...05...40...00...EVA-2: Cleanup and ingress03:38 PM...05...01...10...EVA-2: Airlock repressurization03:53 PM...05...01...25...Spacesuit servicing04:13 PM...05...01...45...Evening planning conference06:28 PM...05...04...00...ISS crew sleep begins06:58 PM...05...04...30...STS crew sleep begins04:30 PM...05...02...02...Mission status briefing on NTV06:28 PM...05...04...00...ISS crew sleep begins06:58 PM...05...04...30...STS crew sleep begins07:00 PM...05...04...32...Daily highlightsAdditional coverage for subscribers:VIDEO:MELVIN AND SATCHER ON MORNING RADIO SHOW VIDEO:CBS, NASHVILLE TV AND FOX RADIO INTERVIEWS VIDEO:THE FLIGHT DAY 3 HIGHLIGHTS MOVIE VIDEO:THURSDAY'S MISSION STATUS BRIEFING VIDEO:SPAEWALKERS HAMMER STUCK BRACE ON TRUSS VIDEO:MAINTENANCE WORK ON JAPANESE ROBOT ARM VIDEO:ENJOYING THE VIEW OF SHUTTLE AND STATION VIDEO:REFURBISHED S-BAND ANTENNA INSTALLED VIDEO:ASTRONAUTS MOVE ANTENNA FROM SHUTTLE VIDEO:SPACEWALK NO. 1 GETS UNDERWAY VIDEO:STEP-BY-STEP SUMMARY OF SPACEWALK NO. 1 VIDEO:THURSDAY MORNING'S FLIGHT DIRECTOR INTERVIEW VIDEO:AERIAL LAUNCH AND SRB SPLASHDOWN FOOTAGE VIDEO:THE FLIGHT DAY 3 HIGHLIGHTS MOVIE VIDEO:WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON'S MANAGEMENT TEAM UPDATE VIDEO:SPARE PARTS CARRIER INSTALLED ONTO STATION VIDEO:SHUTTLE ARM HANDS PALLET TO STATION'S ARM VIDEO:LOGISTICS CARRIER 1 UNBERTHED FROM SHUTTLE VIDEO:WEDNESDAY'S MISSION STATUS BRIEFING VIDEO:SHUTTLE CREW FLOATS INTO STATION VIDEO:ATLANTIS DOCKS TO THE SPACE STATION VIDEO:SPACE SHUTTLE PERFORMS 360-DEGREE BACKFLIP VIDEO:BEAUTIFUL VIEWS OF ATLANTIS APPROACHING VIDEO:SUMMARY OF THE SPARE PARTS PALLETS VIDEO:PREVIEW OF PALLET NO. 1 DELIVERY ON FLIGHT DAY 3 VIDEO:NARRATED PREVIEW OF RENDEZVOUS AND DOCKING VIDEO:THE FLIGHT DAY 2 HIGHLIGHTS MOVIE VIDEO:TUESDAY AFTERNOON'S MANAGEMENT TEAM UPDATE VIDEO:ROBOT ARM GRAPPLES LOGISTICS CARRIER 1 VIDEO:TUESDAY AFTERNOON'S MISSION STATUS BRIEFING VIDEO:PREVIEW OF ACTIVITIES ON FLIGHT DAY 2 VIDEO:NARRATED TOUR OF THE PAYLOAD BAY VIDEO:THE FLIGHT DAY 1 HIGHLIGHTS MOVIE VIDEO:LAUNCH REPLAY: INSIDE MISSION CONTROL ROOM VIDEO:LAUNCH REPLAYS: EXTERNAL TANK CAMERA VIDEO:POST-LAUNCH PRESS CONFERENCE VIDEO:CREW FINISHES GETTING SUITED UP VIDEO:ASTRONAUTS LEAVE CREW QUARTERS VIDEO:LIFTOFF OF SPACE SHUTTLE ATLANTIS! VIDEO:LAUNCH REPLAY: PRESS SITE VIDEO:LAUNCH REPLAY: PAD PERIMETER VIDEO:LAUNCH REPLAY: BEACH TRACKER VIDEO:LAUNCH REPLAY: PAD CAEMRA 070 VIDEO:LAUNCH REPLAY: PAD CAEMRA 071 VIDEO:LAUNCH REPLAY: WEST TOWER SITE VIDEO:LAUNCH REPLAY: UCS-23 TRACKER VIDEO:LAUNCH REPLAY: PLAYALINDA BEACH VIDEO:LAUNCH REPLAY: PAD FRONT CAMERA VIDEO:LAUNCH REPLAY: VAB ROOF VIDEO:NARRATED REVIEW OF SHUTTLE'S PREPARATIONS VIDEO:NARRATED REVIEW OF PAYLOADS' PREPARATIONS VIDEO:STUNNING SUNSET ROLLBACK OF PAD GANTRY VIDEO:A LOOK AT SPACE STATION SCIENCE RESEARCH VIDEO:THE STS-129 PRE-LAUNCH PRESS CONFERENCE VIDEO:COUNTDOWN PREVIEW AND WEATHER BRIEFING VIDEO:ASTRONAUTS ARRIVE FOR LAUNCH VIDEO:NARRATED MISSION OVERVIEW MOVIE VIDEO:MEET SHUTTLE ATLANTIS' ASTRONAUTS VIDEO:ASTRONAUTS TOUR PAD'S CLEANROOM VIDEO:SHUTTLE EVACUATION PRACTICE VIDEO:CREW BOARDS SHUTTLE FOR TEST VIDEO:THE LAUNCH DAY SIMULATION BEGINS VIDEO:CREW ARRIVES FOR PRACTICE COUNTDOWN VIDEO:PAYLOADS DELIVERED TO PAD 39A VIDEO:PLACING PAYLOADS INTO TRANSPORTER VIDEO:FLIGHT READINESS REVIEW SETS LAUNCH DATE VIDEO:CREW BRIEFED ON EMERGENCY PROCEDURES VIDEO:TEST-DRIVING EMERGENCY ARMORED TANK VIDEO:CREW ARRIVES AT CAPE FOR TRAINING VIDEO:SHUTTLE AND STATION PROGRAM UPDATE VIDEO:THE STS-129 MISSION OVERVIEW BRIEFING VIDEO:PREVIEW BRIEFING ON MISSION'S SPACEWALKS VIDEO:THE ASTRONAUTS' PRE-FLIGHT NEWS BRIEFING VIDEO:SPACE SHUTTLE ROLLOUT IN FAST-FORWARD VIDEO:ATLANTIS TAKES PERCH ATOP PAD 39A VIDEO:ROLLOUT FROM ASSEMBLY BUILDING BEGINS VIDEO:SPACE SHUTTLE ASSEMBLY IN FAST-FORWARD VIDEO:TIME-LAPSE OF ATLANTIS ATTACHED TO FUEL TANK VIDEO:ATLANTIS LEAVES HANGAR FOR NEXT LAUNCH VIDEO:TIME-LAPSE OF ATLANTIS ARRIVING IN VAB VIDEO:CLOSING ATLANTIS' PAYLOAD BAY DOORS VIDEO:FUEL TANK ATTACHED TO SOLID ROCKETS VIDEO:ASTRONAUTS MAKE A VISIT TO THE CAPE VIDEO:ORBITER DOCKING SYSTEM CHECKED OUT VIDEO:ATLANTIS' FUEL TANK UNLOADED FROM BARGE VIDEO:EXTERNAL TANK ARRIVES AT THE LAUNCH SITE Final Shuttle Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The crew emblem for the final space shuttle mission is now available in our store. 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