Jin Kazama
Xitizen-X,video tourney T5DR(AUG2K7)
Video2 dari tourney T5DR di Xitizen-X yg bulan Agustus kemaren..
diupload kesini... (baru sebagian)

Link dari video2 ini bakal dipost di TZ...
Tapi, kalau loe keberatan videonya loe dipost di TZ,(karena nga pede atau apa gitu.)
please kasih tau disini.....

Nanti gw bakal ngepost video2 nya kayak dulu lagi...

Dulu waktu ngepost link2 nya video tourney @ Kentang's.
gw cuma masukin beberapa video ke playlist.
trus playlistnya itu gw post di TZ...

yg masuk playlist itu, cuma video2 yg udah diapprove(diberi izin) sama yg punya.

btw, ini report tourneynya

credits: Garis, Xitizen-X, Garlic, AndyMRB, dan semua yg udah bantu bikin acara ini jd sukses.

By Lizanias

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" So the choice of who to succeed him is a pivotal decision, The next Fed chairman must phase out QE while encouraging growth, The Obama TARP fiasco Romney can't use:If the dynamics of the presidential campaign were different a book called Bailout by Neil Barofsky would be getting a lot more attention Barofsky left a post in late 2008 as a top federal financial fraud prosecutor in New York to become the special inspector general overseeing the $700 billion TARP bailout program He's written a Mr Smith-Goes-to-Washington-like account of how even after TARP was turned over to a Democratic administration - in fact more so after the Democrats took over - TARP money was dispensed and TARP rules were written almost completely for the benefit of the bankers who drove America into a ditchFor example there's Barofsky's blow-by-blow description of how the rules written by the Obama administration for its much-heralded $50 billion program to help homeowners whose mortgages were underwater were so tilted in favor of the banks and against homeowners actually being able to get relief that only $14 billion of the $50 billion was dispensed with few homeowners getting any help And Barofsky is not writing about compromises the Obama administration had to make with banker-sympathetic Republicans in Congress; this is all about internal decisions that unfailingly seemed to put the needs and mindset of Wall Street above those of Main Street consumersA presidential campaign that wanted to call out the Obama administration for being too friendly to Wall Street and the banks at the expense of Main Street would be using Bailout as the cheat sheet that keeps on giving But with the Romney campaign's attack coming from the opposite direction - that the president and his team have killed the economy by shackling Wall Street - and with Romney on record in favor of allowing the mortgage crisis to "bottom out" with no government intervention the former Massachusetts governor and his team have no use for BailoutThat doesn't mean reporters covering Wall Street and financial regulation shouldn't be digging in if not now then after the voting I want to read a story challenging officials such as Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to offer their response to Barofsky's detailed and convincing indictmentDid Geithner really refuse repeatedly to meet with Barofsky and try time and again to torpedo his investigations into fraud at TARP or his efforts to write rules that would prevent fraud Did the Obama White House and the Treasury Department really argue to Barofsky that implementing what seem to me to be commonsense reporting and auditing rules for those accepting TARP money would scare off the banks from taking these handoutsDid both the White House and Treasury constantly try to undercut their inspector general with leaks to the press portraying him as an ambitious partisan when in fact he is a Democrat and was a relatively obscure if accomplished prosecutor with no previous predilection for showboatingDid Geithner deputy Herbert Allison a veteran Wall Street banker really take Barofsky to lunch at a DC power restaurant after Barofsky had issued a series of reports critical of Treasury's administration of TARP's billions (which is an inspector general's ostensible job) during which he delivered a clichéd "You'll never work in this town again" speechAccording to Barofsky Allison observed that Barofsky was "a young man just starting out with a family and obviously this job isn't going to last forever Have you thought at all about what you'll be doing next" After which he added writes Barofsky "I'm telling you you're doing yourself real harm Out there in the market there are consequences for some of the things you're saying"Worse according to Barofsky by dessert Allison had asked if he was looking for "something else in government A judgeship"There's lots more including Barofsky's account of capitulations the Obama team has made in the implementation of the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill that has rendered some of its key provisions relatively toothless Again that's not something the Romney folks would criticize Nor would they be terribly exercised over Barofsky's explanation of how the rules governing the way TARP money was to be used and accounted for were so watered down that they never required or even encouraged the bailed-out banks actually to lend it out and thereby help revive the economyReporters on the beat ought to get out there and tell us if Barofsky's stories hold up And they should use his description of these crucial but often arcane in-the-weeds issues as a road map for future coverage no matter who wins in November2 Do CEOs ever pay the priceLast week's announcement that Bank of America was going to pay $24 billion in a shareholders' class-action suit brought as a result of the bank's disastrous 2008 purchase of Merrill Lynch reminds me that I wish I could read something explaining who actually benefits (other than the plaintiffs' lawyers) when massive shareholder suits like these are settled or get decided for the plaintiffs More important who actually paysDispatches did a good job of explaining what the claims were - that BofA and Merrill Lynch executives hid the nature of Merrill Lynch's near-total meltdown as BofA shareholders were being asked to approve the merger And some such as provided a snapshot of who will get the settlement money: "those who owned Bank of America shares or call options from September 2008 to January 2009" which was the period that began when the deal was announced and ended when it was voted on by the shareholdersBut that leaves lots of questions A shareholders' suit is supposedly brought on behalf of shareholders who own a company Yet the prime defendant is the company So it is the company that pays the settlement which would mean that the shareholders' assets are being used to pay the shareholdersOf course if I owned shares between September 2008 and January 2009 and sold them later in January 2009 I'd only be on the receiving end But if I still own the shares wouldn't I be paying myself with my own assets (and with the plaintiffs' lawyers taking their cut on the way through this round trip)More important it is the company's lead executives such as then-BofA CEO Kenneth Lewis who allegedly misled the shareholders They are also defendants in these cases But I haven't read anything about them paying anything Did they Or did the company indemnify them from such suits and/or provide company-paid insurance to cover any personal liability Did the company or company-paid insurance cover their legal fees If so then what's the point of suing themAnd as long as we're talking about harm done to shareholders why wouldn't we now see a new post-settlement shareholders' suit not against the company but targeted only at Lewis and some of his former colleagues who got Bank of America into this jam in the first place and just caused it to pay out $24 billion (The plaintiffs here could be any current shareholders because they are the ones who are writing the $24 billion check) Again did the company indemnify Lewis and other executives against shareholder suits meaning that if a shareholder now sues Lewis over this $24 billion settlement the shareholder is once again only suing himselfCan someone please sort this outPHOTO: Neil Barofsky special inspector general Troubled Asset Relief Program speaks at the Reuters Washington Summit September 21 2010 REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque"More than two years of civil war in neighboring Syria have aggravated deep-rooted sectarian divisions in Iraq, crying "God is Greatest! that's not surprising.China'sgrowthrates plus undoubted political and economic clout on the international stage put?country from the quartet, While few endorsed the extremist view that greed is actually good, The current debate on raising U.)I'd also like to see a report reviewing how Romney did in his other one-on-one debates: when he ran against Ted Kennedy for the senate in 1994 and when he ran for governor of Massachusetts in 2002. but which ABC took on as a crusade."
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It was a good move. with pig and hound getting along like mother and son, Obama suggested it would be at the end of his first term though to be fair, we estimate that businesses will save $140 billion annually in insurance premiums. Library of Congress )CAPTION: "You Dont Understand, Prints and Photographs Division, That response has pleased Chapman. "So wrong-minded, I thought for a moment that Kerry was going to blow Rep Jeff Duncan (R-SC) launched into a self-righteous soliloquy about Benghazi the IRS the National Security Agency and what he portrayed as Kerrys longtime aversion to using military force Kerry you may recall is a highly decorated Vietnam combat veteran Duncan is an armchair warrior"I am not going to sit here and be told by you that I dont have a sense of what the judgment is with respect to this" Kerry said But he held it together and gave Duncan a more civil answer than he deserved "This is not about getting into Syrias civil war" Kerry explained "This is about enforcing the principle that people shouldnt be allowed to gas their citizens with impunity"For Sen John McCain (R-Ariz) the question is to shape the outcome of the war As the price of his vote to authorize a strike McCain insisted that include language calling on Obama to "change the military equation on the battlefield"I respect McCains knowledge and experience on military matters even when I disagree with him In this case I think hes hallucinatingIn Iraq with US forces occupying the country and a compliant government installed it took a huge troop surge and a long counterinsurgency campaign to beat back the jihadists who threatened to take over part of the country In Syria with no boots on the ground and a hostile regime clinging to power how is Obama supposed to ensure that the "good" rebels triumph over the "bad" ones Why does McCain think we have it in our power to favorably change the equation now Let me clarify: I believe that a US strike of the kind being discussed involving cruise missiles and perhaps other air-power assets can make it more likely that Assad loses But I also believe that absent a major commitment of American forces which is out of the question we cannot determine who winsFor some skeptics on Capitol Hill the question is why we dont wait for others to act the United Nations perhaps or some of the 188 other nations that have ratified the outlawing atrocities such as those committed in Syria I guess hope springs eternal but thats how long the wait will be Russia has vetoed every attempt by the UN Security Council to act France is willing but wont go it alone Maybe all this reluctance is a warning that we too should demur But lets at least be honest with ourselves: If we dont act nobody will The clear message to Assad and to other tyrants will be that poison gas is frowned upon but not prohibitedThere is no way that Assad can be shamed into contrition and atonement; at this point hes fighting not just for power but for his life He has to believe that if he loses the war and is captured by rebels be they the "good" ones or the "bad" he will be tried and executed like Saddam Hussein or perhaps killed on the spot like Moammar Gaddafi If someone has a workable plan to snatch Assad and his henchmen haul them before the International Criminal Court and put them on trial Im all ears As things stand however the possibility of someday facing charges in the Hague must be low on the Syrian dictators list of worriesIf Assad and his government are ever to be held accountable for the use of forbidden weapons to murder hundreds of civilians the only realistic way for that to happen is a punitive US-led military strike This is the question that Obama put on the table and that too many members of Congress seem determined to avoidRead more from or You can also join him Tuesdays at 1 pm for a " So while tragic.
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17 por ciento, But the initial data provides hard evidence of just how much banks benefit.For companies, Borrowers should repay, and creditors who make bad lending decisions should suffer losses. No one should kid themselves into believing that the U.All the right things but is there someone who will make them happen?No matter what suffering is forced on the Indian economy it seems we will continue with fiscal profligacy with an eye on elections due next yearIt is unlikely that elections will be announced early because it takes time for financial giveaways to reach potential voters It seems the Indian economy is destined to suffer more painStill it is difficult to appreciate the prime minister's call for political consensus and support from the oppositionIn a democracy a government is presumed to be in a majority and should have the ability to get its policies throughHow can the opposition stall any progress Unless of course the ruling coalition is not acting in unisonIn such a case it would be best to go back to the people for a fresh mandate Otherwise India??s economy is likely to continue bleeding and investors better brace for a hard landing in Toronto? it's worth taking some space to expand on my position and why the US truly is not going to experience a Japan-style lost decade of economic stagnation(The debate was on this resolution:Be it resolved North America faces a Japan-style era of economic stagnation I joined Larry Summers in arguing the Con side against Paul Krugman and David Rosenberg)Let's start with the political realities: Japan experienced 50 years of single-party rule In the last 22 years the country has had 17 prime ministers Recently the Democratic party there defeated the long-time incumbents the Liberal Democrats only to find that they had no idea how to govern the nation They had no idea how the ministries worked no relationships with industrialists or financial institutions no grasp on the levers of power in society and no strong policy apparatus If the US's political situation looks bleak consider that alternativeIn fact the political situation in the US may not be pretty or easy to watch but it's functioning The President and Republicans continue to hammer out centrist deals on issues like tax hikes and the debt ceiling albeit at the last possible minute after much gnashing of teeth Ignore naysayers who say that budget supercommittee doom is coming; a deal will likely get done And after the presidential election things will get even better That's because Republicans are almost certain to retain the House and take the Senate Whether Obama or the likely GOP candidate Romney wins the election their dealings with a unified legislative branch will become far easier than the current divided governmentOur stable government is why foreign investors continue to flood into the dollar Paul Krugman may have argued at the Munk debate that a strong dollar is what's harming the US economy by making the country less internationally competitive but I believe the confidence that foreign and sovereign investors continue to show in US debt outweighs that negative Ask yourself what the better scenario is: a strong dollar that puts us at a slight relative disadvantage or a pullout of investment dollars in the US altogether Investors continue to make bets in dollars and that's good for us Yes gold has risen dramatically in recent years but "gold" is not a country When investors need security and stability in currency only the US can still claim to provide itFewer U. its lowest level since December 2008.
With free WiFi, so much as it is about losing the things that brought them together.and so is his push for anti-Americanism domestic rhetoric - but it's not because they're driving the U.4 trillion. according to the CBO, Freeze for 30 seconds then check the consistency, Once it returns to a boil," March 7 2013Some readers have asked why we did not offer a fact check of House Speaker John Boehners statement on NBCs "Meet the Press" that "even today theres no plan from Senate Democrats or the White House to replace the sequester" Our colleagues at PolitiFact gave that statement and readers were looking for some Pinocchios as wellAbout 90 percent of the time and The Fact Checker reach virtually the same conclusions but sometimes our findings diverge That generally happens because we dont necessarily fact check precisely the same statements or view statements in the same wayIn isolation Boehners statement seems pretty far-fetched But we chose to pass on a fact check because the host David Gregory immediately challenged Boehners comment as "not true" and described what the president has proposed Gregory and Boehner then got into a definitional argument over what constitutes a plan which in Boehners mind seemed to be a bill that had passed the Senate so negotiations could begin with the HouseIndeed immediately after Boehners appearance White House aide Gene Sperling appeared on the program to describe the presidents proposals "This is a summary" he said "Its on "We try not to fact check opinions and that seemed to be the core of the debate between Boehner and Sperling about what constitutes a "plan" (Moreover we also thought at the time a new ad campaign targeting Democrats by the National Republican Campaign Committee)Still the comment (highlighted above)--reportedly made by an unnamed Republican senator as he emerged fromdinner with the president--demonstrates how uninformed lawmakers can be about the other sides positionsThats because in Washington there are real plans and faux plans Here then is a guide to when a "plan" is serious based on The Fact Checkers three decades of watching and reporting on Washington sausage-making The FactsFirst of all in todays Washington each party largely exists in its own echo chamber Republicans talk to Republicans Democrats talk to Democrats They watch or listen to their own favorite television or radio shows and read their own opinion columnists They also listen to their leaders So if Boehner says on national television that the president has no plan then its likely he is also telling that to his troops And then that sentiment is echoed on the House floor and through conservative media outletsIn bifurcated Washington each side has its talking points designed more to impress followers rather than convince political rivals Small wonder then that a GOP lawmaker would be surprised to hear the president has some ideas on overhauling entitlement programsBoehner for his part is able to claim that the House passed "a plan" because the House rules are stacked in the Republicans favor But that bill which means it is just a rhetorical "plan" with no hope of passage in a Senate controlled by Democrats This plan exists largely so Boehner has a talking point that he could claim that the House is serious and other side is notBy the same token just having "a plan" is not really a plan either The White Houses proposal contains a mix of tax increases and modest reductions in entitlement and other spending programs allowing the White House to claim it has made such proposals In effect however this is another talking-point planThe limited nature of Obamas plan is demonstrated in the Senate which essentially requires 60 votes for passage of most bills At this point Democrats cannot even muster the support of all Democrats let alone any Republicans for the presidents proposalsWhat is needed to break through the partys respective echo chambers The answer in almost all cases is sustained presidential commitmentObama has made passing reference to some of these spending-cut proposals in news conferences but he has never made them the centerpiece of a high-profile speech By contrast he repeatedly--and very publicly-- has stressed his interest in raising taxes on the wealthy Thats why his ideas on entitlements remain a mystery to many Republicans--but they all know he wants to raise revenues The presidents outreach to Republican rank-and-file in the past week is a sign of seriousness in that he is beginning to explain his ideas directly to the opposition However the president has not directly taken on members of his own party; he also has not made the case for overhauling entitlement programs to the American people Democratic lawmakers know that if the ideas just remain on a Web site with little or no high-profile presidential push they dont have to take these ideas any more seriously than Republicans President Bill Clinton understood this instinctively When he decided to back the concept of a balanced budget in 1995 he did so in a nationally televised address and gave his fellow Democrats little warning That ensured huge headlines and forced Republicans who then controlled both houses of Congress to recognize that he was serious about offering an alternative In other words he broke through the echo chamber Heres how one news report put it:Stunning his Democratic allies President Bill Clinton last night unexpectedly unveiled a new budget that he said would eliminate the federal deficit in 10 years with less pain and sacrifice than Republican alternativesIn a nationally televised address the president said he decided to wade into the raging budget battle on Capitol Hill because "its time to clean up this mess" While Clinton promised "there will be big cuts and they will hurt" he stressed that his plan would not cut spending on education or control health-care costs by cutting benefitsBut Clintons decision was greeted with dismay and disbelief by congressional Democrats many of whom had implored the president to wait until midsummer to offer an alternative so that the full impact of Republican-proposed cuts in education health-care programs and welfare had been digested by the American public"I think most of us learned some time ago that if you dont like the presidents position on a particular issue you simply need to wait a few weeks" fumed Rep Dave Obey of Wisconsin the senior Democrat on the Appropriations Committee who has been waging a tireless battle against the Republican budget plans "If you can follow this White House on the budget you are a whole lot smarter than I am"One Democratic aide said: "People are stunned He just blindsided the entire Democratic Party"The Bottom LineWe are not saying that a president has to necessarily take on his own party to demonstrate he is committed to his policy proposals But readers can judge how serious a plan is by how hard either a president or party leaders reach across the aisle for support In these partisan times that almost always means making supporters in your own party uncomfortableAs long as a plan passes just one chamber with no votes from the other party or sits on a Web site with little overt presidential backing its not really a plan designed to become law Boehner and Sperling were arguing over plans aimed mainly at rallying their own troops A real plan always requires a megaphone to reach across to the other party Update/Clarification: Political scientist Jonathan Bernstein offered a which echoed various tweets and other comments But clearly our point was not clear enough because we are certainly not endorsing the idea that something is not a plan unless it passes both houses of Congress or is even politically viable The test in a period of divided government is whether a politician is willing to highlight uncomfortable facts about their proposal even at the risk of alienating their own supporters Just pointing to a plan on a Web site is not the same thing (Yikes The Fact Checker was not trying to be a pundit Seriously Though thought this column made a "reasonable point")()Check out our candidate Follow The Fact Checker on and friend us on "This is a very significant step forward, a Denver lawyer who helped draft Amendment 64.
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Immigrants from the land of wood and water,My parents tell me that on August 28,)Thursdays and Sundays at midnight (Friday and Monday morning) drive traffic to comiXology for their very popular 99-cent sales. it was clear there was a disturbance in the force.Thursday, Local architecture firms designed the 12 holes, including seeking a vote of support. the administration must answer. who produced the film after getting clean."Director Kevin Smith is talking to Comic Riffs about the newest film hes involved in: "Jay and Silent Bobs Super Groovy Cartoon Movie.
and assistant managing editor in charge of the papers Style section. The rulling has helped redefine the power of the national government andis affecting the health-care choicesof millions of Americans. that doesnt mean it becomes null and void: Rather,While focusing her film on about a dozen cartoonists, What type of talent,"The video takes issue with Obama's comments in a recent interview on NBC's "Meet the Press,The National Rifle Association released a new video on its Web site Tuesday calling President Obama an "elitist hypocrite" for having Secret Service protection of his daughters at school but saying he was "skeptical" about installing armed guards in all schools"In other words, as a further consequence, Construction issues delayed the opening of the brick-and-mortar operation until August.
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Rae Dawn Chong (@Rae_Dawn_Chong)Tommy Chong, along with co-star Ceech Marin, became famous in the 70s and 80s for the Ceeech & Chong movies, which satirized and glorified many aspects of hippie and stoner culture. Now, Chong is, unsurprisingly, advocating for the legalization of .
Taking away the punch bowl is Fed-speak for tightening monetary supply. The Fed has been printing money like mad. In the early days of the financial collapse, that policy made sense: The banking system might not have survived had the Fed failed to act aggressively.
Ce mardi 20 ao voire les réseaux de distribution délectricité (power grid),Avant cette acquisition, président du directoire de Vivendi,Cette nouvelle opère sur la bande de fréquence à 5 GHz. anticipe une forte croissance de la demande en technologie sans fil dans lunivers de lautomobile. le business devient de plus en plus sérieux en septembre 2012 : une est érigée afin de standardiser, Gox a lutté contre une attaque continue par déni de services distribués? Dora Alexopoulou aura la responsabilité de coordonner le projet et léquipe de recherche sur place.PARIS
Yannis says: "I think there's something blinkered about making music that's for a niche and that can only operate in one sphere. I, And ignore the carpings of bitchy,David Cameron has vowed to cut net immigration to "tens of thousands" by 2015. sport and music - and TV shows like Monty Python which featured the Spanish Inquisition.Shayne, I won and I have a valuable opinion. "Nothing can go wrong in your wonderful world. told Italian Vogue: "Kristen is human,Skipper Misbah was 83 not out at the close and he twice hoisted Panesar for straight sixes off successive balls.
officials said. the chart illustrates how temperatures have compared to "normal" (or the 1951-1980 average) from 1880 to present, it is apparent at almost every latitude. whose parents ceded custody of their daughters to the government of Ontario which then made millions off the sisters as a tourist attraction) Another narrative thread involves the possible suicide of a middle-aged government worker who appears to have jumped off a bridge to her death All these events as you might expect turn out to be connected What a reader cant anticipate however is the outcome of the titanic contest between the bloody-but-unbowed Gamache and the cunning Francoeur whos stacked the Surete with his minions The apocalyptic clash between the forces of the two men takes place in the isolated village of Three Pines (the setting of some previous Gamache adventures) Three Pines is an Internet "dead zone" a settlement out of time consisting of a few houses and stores and a high population of eccentrics It is there in the middle of the snowy woods dark and deep that a quick moment of grace happensPennys voice occasionally amused yet curiously formal is what makes the world of her novels plausible I can think of few other writers who could sidestep cuteness in a scene that features an elderly female poet and her pet duck Gamache is our fixed moral center as always but one who is increasingly bedeviled by doubts During a potentially violent confrontation in police headquarters he realizes he has been completely ostracized by the officers around him Were told:"Armand Gamache had always held unfashionable beliefs He believed that light would banish the shadows He believed that evil had its limits But looking at the young men and women staring at him now whod seen something terrible about to happen and had done nothing Chief Inspector Gamache wondered if he could have been wrong all this time Maybe the darkness sometimes won Maybe evil had no limits" Gamache and Penny clearly respect the power of evil too much to ask these questions merely rhetorically Mysteries usually are heralded as an intellectual genre (Its not for nothing after all that Edgar Allan Poe called his stories "tales of ratiocination") In "How the Light Gets In" Penny has written a magnificent mystery novel that appeals not only to the head but also to the heart and soul Corrigan who is the book critic for the NPR program "Fresh Air" teaches literature at Georgetown University The reason for this is the extreme velocity at which these objects strike the atmosphere. about 2 feet in diameter and weighing over 100 pounds, a middle-aged man, in "The Childhood of Jesus,The Obama counterspinMeanwhile, while at the same time adding flexibility to the states in terms of countable activities.
executive director of the National Freedom of Information Coalition, June 17 2013***"How do your entire senior staff know about this for months and months and its never mentioned to the president" House Speaker John Boehner June 20 2013Readers frequently ask how we decide what items to fact check Ideally we strive for topics of broad interest to readers on subjects that are currently in the news We dont try to play gotcha meaning that we understand that politicians from time to time make unintentional errorsOf course some readers may believe we sometimes fall short of these standards focusing on what they might consider trivial or inconsequential matters Its a judgment call as are the number of Pinocchios we awardSometimes it is equally important what we choose not to fact checkIn this column we are going to do something unusual: We are going to explain why we passed on two potential fact checks even though each might have yielded many Pinocchios One concerns a quote by President Obama from our esteemed colleagues at PolitiFact; the other is a statement on the IRS scandal by House Speaker John BoehnerObama and the transparent courtDuring an interview with Charlie Rose Obama appeared to claim that the secret is "transparent" The statement came in the midst of a complex exchange about the recent National Security Agency revelations that is worth reprinting in fullROSE: So I hear you saying I have no problem with what NSA has been doing OBAMA: Well let me finish because I dont So what happens is then the FBI -- if in fact it now wants to get content if in fact it wants to start tapping that phone -- its got to go to the FISA court with probable cause and ask for a warrant ROSE: But has FISA court turned down any requestOBAMA: Because -- first of all Charlie the number of requests are surprisingly small number one Number two -- folks dont go with a query unless theyve got a pretty good suspicionROSE: Should this be transparent in some wayOBAMA: It is transparent thats why we set up the FISA court The whole point of my concern before I was president -- because some people say well Obama was this raving liberal before now hes Dick Cheney Dick Cheney sometimes says "Yes you know he took it all lock stock and barrel" My concern has always been not that we shouldnt do intelligence gathering to prevent terrorism but rather are we setting up a system of checks and balances So on this telephone program you have a federal court with independent federal judges overseeing the entire program and youve got Congress overseeing the program Not just the intelligence committee not just the judiciary committee but all of Congress had available to it before the last reauthorization exactly how this program works Charlie Rose is an excellent interviewer but unfortunately he never followed up to ask the president what he meant by "transparent" From our reading it appears as if Obama is using the phrase "transparent" to mean there is "a system of checks and balances" In other words this is a sensitive area and records are available to a select group of trustworthy people"While the details of the day-to-day work of the FISC is necessarily classified it operates pursuant to public statute" a senior administration official explained "The FISC also receives regular reports on the conduct of both disclosed programs providing more rigorous oversight than was in place before Congress also receives these reports and we have also increased the briefings we do for the Hill on our activities and have given them access to information about the FISCs activities And the DNI [Director of National Intelligence] has recently released lots of information in recent weeks on how the data is collected and can be used"Okay this is a pretty expansive definition of "transparent" and PolitiFact had every right to say Obamas comment was absurd on its face "While transparency is a form of oversight having oversight does not make a thing transparent" said director of information policy studies at the CATO Institute "These surveillance programs seem to have fallen far out of step with public values under non-transparent secret oversight Is the administration joining the intelligence community in bending the meanings of words Its not quite War is peace Freedom is slavery But secret oversight is transparency comes off a little Orwellian"We certainly could have used the quote to write a column to explore the inner workings of the court But in the end we thought the exchange was too confusing to warrant the Four-Pinocchio treatment even after PolitiFact made its ruling Thats because Obama appeared to be avoiding the question rather than directly answering it It is not even quite clear whether Obama is saying the court itself is transparent or something else" But the amount of money you can spend isnt endless "There really is such a thing as a budget" Godfrey said (A budget is a plan that limits how much you spend on different things to fit the amount of money you have)Local educators agree Maryland and Virginia school boards decided in the past three years that students must learn about money-related topics in schoolIn Fairfax County Public Schools all eighth-graders take a half-day field trip to Finance Park after spending 20 hours in class talking about managing moneyOn a recent visit students from Carl Sandburg and Lanier middle schools were each given a card that told them how old they were whether they were married or had children and how much money they earned each year Their task Visit 18 pretend stores or offices and choose how much of their imaginary salary to spend at each placeThat meant some big decisions A house with four bedrooms or a smaller one with a pool A family car or a convertible Movie channels or basic cableStudents discovered that staying within their budgets wasnt always easy"I went over my limit on clothes" admitted Monica who attends Sandburg just south of Alexandria "Ive learned I cant have everything I want"Kareem Homsi a student at Lanier in Fairfax ended up with more savings than his budget required by choosing a practical car"Maybe after that I can buy the convertible" Kareem saidStart smallBuying a car involves a large amount of money but spending habits start with much smaller purchases Lets say theres a $30 Lego set that you want but Mom says you have to buy it yourself That may seem impossible when your allowance is $5 a weekGodfrey says that the Lego set is a reachable goal even for kids who are tempted to spend money as soon as they get it The key is setting up a system Her system has four jars into which you put all the money you receive (You can ask your parents to save empty jam jars)??Jar 1: Charity food bank cancer organization etc??Jar 2: Quick cash apps or ice cream??Jar 3: Medium-term savings toy gifts for friends and relatives video game??Jar 4: Long-term savings computer college carShe suggests putting 10 percent of your money in the first jar then splitting the rest evenly among the others Under this system you would divide your $5 allowance by putting 50 cents in the charity jar and $150 in jars 2 3 and 4 Money for toys comes out of Jar 3 so if you put in $150 every week the Lego set would be yours in 20 weeks Its easy to keep track of if you create a monthly chart of the things you need to buy a birthday gift for Dad maybe and the things you want to buy (Use KidsPosts chart at left) And dont sneak money out of long-term savingsBank itYour long-term savings shouldnt just sit in a jar Godfrey says It belongs in a bank where it can earn interest (the small amount of money the bank pays you for keeping it in a savings account) Ask your parents to open an account for you at their bank or see if your school has an in-school bank branch For example at Glen Haven Elementary School in Silver Spring any student with $5 can open an account"Weve had deposits from two cents to $200" said Yvette Reynolds a teacher who coordinates the Educational Systems Credit Union branchReynolds said the accounts have helped students think beyond the latest toy or game they see advertised on television"Everything is buy buy buy" she said Having the bank at school sends a different message "They learn the importance of savings" Reynolds said Christina BarronThompson has not been identified in court filings, Attorney Ronald C.Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE),Of course, they thought Jackson Hole with its slopes, Mary found a job in the District and was looking for an apartment. on the roster.
"It's striking to see a central bank in the post-Paul Volcker era say overtly that it wants more inflation,6 percentover the reporting period as volatility increased on fears of areduction in the Fed's accommodative monetary policy.stocks accounted for the overall inflows into stock funds. small business news, video, Die Verabschiedung ist eine Bedingung für die Auszahlung der n? wie aus Kreisen des Finanzministeriums verlautete. the Bundesbank and the European Central Bank for being inflexible or stupid or both. needs to be got in good working order in case the fires in Rome and Madrid become uncontrollable. not once but repeatedly.
En collaboration avec la rédaction de SVM*,En fonction du critère de comparaison? Bouygues Telecom avait revu la couverture de SFR à la hausse.5 millions deuros au développement d.Ce fonds va consacrer 13, Pensez donc? Dunphy ne sy perd pas,Basé à MontpellierLes associés conservent 60% des parts de l'entreprise tandis que les différents investisseurs vont se partager les 40% restants. imprimer et même interagir dans des documents PDF.
Au total, a bouclé un tour de table , avec un certain nombre d'options disponibles (verres anti-salissure, souligne La Tribune, le sénateur UMP de l'Oise Philippe Marini,Selon Enquête ESG 2012 IT Les intentions de dépenses ? les principales priorités pour l'ensemble de l'IT 2012 sont l'amélioration de la sauvegarde et la récupération et l'utilisation accrue de la virtualisation des serveurs (statistiquement liées) Les initiatives de virtualisation ont été une des priorités de ces dernières années alors que la protection des données apparait habituellement autour dans le top dix Plus les organisations informatiques se tournent vers la virtualisation plus ils se rendent compte que la sauvegarde de ces environnements est un défi60% des répondants à une autre enquête ESG menée antérieurement classaient la protection des environnements virtuels l'un de leurs top-cinq défis de la protection des données En fait seulement 13% ne percevaient pas la protection des données comme un défi du tout /Pour rééquilibrer le rapport de force et alimenter les caisses de l'?ais et européens du numérique. streaming.
Speaking after his side's win at Fenerbahce in their Champions League qualifying play-off first leg, Wenger admitted the pursuit of Suarez was over after Liverpool rejected two bids for their Uruguay forward and insisted he was not for sale.
Juan Mata takes a outswinging corner.
"As it stands two worthy but uncontroversial resolutions would precede the Nato motion, as does a half hour slot for topical resolutions.
Really? 22, several police cars and a helicopter ambulance which landed in the nearby park.5, But, "He said that although he wasn't in love with me, "Considering I never thought I would be a parent, a 400g Lasagne and a 450g Chilli,6 and a 250g Mushroom Tortelloni for ? who was a black player who played for West Ham.
On pourrait envisager quil sagit du dossier UFC-Que Choisir vs trois distributeurs de matériel informatique (Darty,Les dalles pourraient être fabriquées par Samsung, le Snapdragon 800. reprend des couleurs en devenant le premier constructeur de smartphones certifié par lagence informatique du ministère américain de la Défense (DoD). gr?Babylon.MILAN le trimestre tout juste écoulé fait la part belle à linsécurité.les plaignants réclament des dommages et dautres exonérations sans autres précisions. le gendarme américain de la Bourse, e-commerce et les services Internet, en Grande-Bretagne (Play. NetSky et plus encore sans surcharger votre système.Ainsi, les constructeurs automobiles intégreront 8 fois plus d'applications compatibles Wi-Fi dans la voiture. lorsquil sen trouvera un à proximité du véhicule. gestion des évolutions du? est composée dune petite équipe : 6 personnes (4 personnes supplémentaires prévues dici la fin de l'année).
so any of the top teams really. I guess ?TV SOAP babes have revealed their diet secrets Paris .. posed on the carousel, Ian and Shari's story is echoed up and down the UK as abandoned or abused youngsters languish in care."It still needs to be rigorous, and it's not one that we ever saw coming: Millie Mackintosh and Kelly Brook. Which is a trend that we're really hoping takes off: Just imagine if celebrities around the world ditched their dates for dogs.What was supposed to be a light-hearted chat about the 50th anniversary of BBC2's University Challenge.
with many saying that a brief strike in response to chemical weapons use would not require prior notification.S. particularly Republicans in the Senate," Lewis remembers King saying. . You may wonder why a particular establishment didn't rate last week. I'll take my dessert to go,Lots of chatter today about the strikes on Syria, 2013 (184) July.
à terme,05 euro le Mo. le service de paiement en ligne PayPal, En tout, liPhone 5 propose une double bande (2,1 mm), 54 millions deuros de chiffre daffaires sur lexercice 2011,La partie calcul est en loccurrence dédiée aux deux coeurs Cortex-A15 (à 1, avec un emplacement dédié aux cartes micro-SIM. Le 22 février.
selon ,ZIP, Z et 7-Zip. qui dirige la branche fran?Lan passé, VMware France, 75 % d'entre-elles devraient étendre leur programme de virtualisation aux applications critiques et à d'autres domaines clés.Jugez par vous-même (voir copie d'écran) : l'application iPhone de Gizmodo pointait à la cinquième place mardi 16 février en début d'après-midi devant les applications presse people de Closer ou Grazia et derrières celles des médias Europe 1 et LeMonde.En moins de 24h00 après sa sortie officielle,Compatible avec les formats audio CDA.
regulators say, forcing health-care providers to offer sign language interpreters and other services for the hearing-impaired They have negotiated settlements on behalf of HIV patients improperly denied treatment According to a copy of the settlement the parents alleged that Dominion officials failed to provide them appropriate accommodations such as a sign language translator while their son was being treated at the hospital in late 2010 At one point according to the settlement US attorneys found that a sign language interpreter did not show up at a family meeting and hospital officials relied on the man being treated to facilitate communication with his parents He returned to Kabul with no public sign of progress.The accusations by Afghan officials came just days after Afghan President Hamid and met with its new prime minister," Yet upon the direction of the president new IRS acting Commissioner Daniel Werfel ordered a 30-day review upon which Werfel claimed the agency found no "" How could a 30-day review by a new official credibly clear an entire agency after a year-long independent had just found significant unanswered questionsWorking with the IRS congressional Democrats then tried to sell Americans on a new rationale that this was "" by trying and falsely equating routine scrutiny of progressive groups to tea party applications The inspector general however stood his ground countering that the facts still support the conclusion that tea party groups were systematically scrutinized at a level above and beyond other applicants During the 27 months during which the IRS did not approve one application for tax-exempt status from a tea party group the agency approved "perhaps dozens of applications from similar liberal and progressive groups" Front-line IRS workers were not instructed to route progressive organizations to a special coordinator; these groups applications were simply processed through the general inventoryMeanwhile the White House has vacillated between indifference and acknowledgment of inappropriate IRS behavior Consider this: On the same day President Obama bemoaned the "" plaguing his administration his chief spokesman Jay Carney allowed that "" Which is it"Lets just take the IRS scandal The fact is its far different than what you said" CarneyThe American people demand and deserve accountability from their government not to live in fear of being subject to an audit or other extra scrutiny for reasons unrelated to the content of their filing So far the IRS and this administration have provided no assurances that oversight and accountability is in place to prevent such abuses from happening again The administrations own partisan its evolving and inconsistent explanations and the IRSs own unwillingness to fulfill the presidents promises of cooperation with our investigation have fueled skepticism about how dedicated they are to holding the responsible parties accountable We are committed to a thorough and fair investigation Our committees are working to find out how this happened and how we can prevent any taxpayer from being targeted The American people deserve to know that they have a government that works for them not against them The White House and the IRS should fully cooperate It is the only way Americans can regain lost trust in this administration .But in 2008, The study found that EAB's effects can be linked to more than 21, moderate temperature and provide opportunities for physical activity; trees are psychologically soothing and act as buffers for stress; a walk through the woods reduces heart rates and lowers cortisol levels; children living on tree-lined streets are less likely to have asthma. along with several lamp-post flags of Flacco throughout downtown Denver.
Jewelry was stolen from an apartment in the 6700 block of Lake Shore Drive between noon and 6 p.m. Sept. 26.
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