Jin Kazama
Xitizen-X,video tourney T5DR(AUG2K7)
Video2 dari tourney T5DR di Xitizen-X yg bulan Agustus kemaren..
diupload kesini... (baru sebagian)

Link dari video2 ini bakal dipost di TZ...
Tapi, kalau loe keberatan videonya loe dipost di TZ,(karena nga pede atau apa gitu.)
please kasih tau disini.....

Nanti gw bakal ngepost video2 nya kayak dulu lagi...

Dulu waktu ngepost link2 nya video tourney @ Kentang's.
gw cuma masukin beberapa video ke playlist.
trus playlistnya itu gw post di TZ...

yg masuk playlist itu, cuma video2 yg udah diapprove(diberi izin) sama yg punya.

btw, ini report tourneynya

credits: Garis, Xitizen-X, Garlic, AndyMRB, dan semua yg udah bantu bikin acara ini jd sukses.

By Lizanias

Comments :

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Who wants to grow their own but think that they do not have the space or the knowledge to easily create and happily maintain one Well you are not alone BUT have you heard the buzz about how they have reduced big gardens into herb garden kits And now you can have one of them! But what are theyHerb garden kits are small herb gardens contained in enclosed boxes. And there is no shortage of the variety of herb garden kits for you to choose from. You can select a model with medicinal herbs, herbal tea herbs, Italian herbs, salsa herbs, culinary herbs, international cuisine herbs and many more. And although all these herb garden kits are not the same they all contain the similar essential items that are needed to begin with. They come equipped with:? The correct variety of seeds that you have chosen. ? The perfect medium of pellets or soil to plant your seeds in? Some include a dome that functions to provide that ideal growing environment.? A users guide listing the necessary instructions to ensure success.? Recipes that use your particular herbs? Some offer a free newsletter to provide further resource on recipes and other uses.? Yet others come with planters in which to germinate your seedsThere are many advantages to growing your first indoor culinary herb garden in one of these kits. For starters, they look attractive and you can put them in any room in the home. They are also very interesting to observe and enjoy and to me, certainly beats watching some crawly ants in their nests! Imagine seeing your plants come alive and manifesting growth daily, up until they are ready for you to harvest and enjoy in your food and drinks and more.Their size and portability often means that they will be placed in the room where the whole family can enjoy their goings on, probably in the kitchen where there will be the added convenience and ease of access for cooking purposes. And you will not need to consider the climatic conditions outside either when you wish to relocate one!Herb garden kits have been conceived for simplified care and maintenance. It totally eliminates the need to move your perennials outdoors in the summer or all the plants indoors when a frost threatens to fall. Your plants will be sitting in a constant environment that has been made perfect for the plants to thrive in.The actual maintenance of herb garden kits will become more of a hobby than a chore with these relatively small and yet technologically advanced kits that have been put together for maximum efficiency. They are virtually guaranteed growth systems. The sizes of herb garden kits do make them ideal for adoption in compact living spaces like a bed-sit or a one-bed apartment. Many people will prefer them to say, an aquarium where maintenance is a chore and their inhabitants more costly and difficult to replace. And yet it is also the very size of these kits that limit the variety and quantity of herbs that can be grown in them. Having said that, the size of an aquarium also limits the number and size of the fishes you can put into one.But trust me. If you enjoy herb garden kits then after a few of them you will begin to operate like a professional and be equipped to undertake a full sized and more varied herb garden outside! Your enjoyment of your garden too will take on new dimensions, BUT you have to get started first.Why not start reading up on this before taking the plunge The welcome news is, all the research has been completed for you and can be downloaded in one comprehensive yet easy to follow step-by-step guide called Successful Herb Gardening ~ Step-by-Step or you can make use of the free material offered online at the Herb Garden Site.
Beyond button pressing, the interior was comfortable and roomy. I hopped into the second row to check it out for myself and had a good 8 inches of space between my knees and the driver's seatback. The second-row seats have bolsters that make it feel cozy, but not intrusive.
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First of all, one reason why the deficit appears to be falling rapidly is because it soared to great heights during the Great Recession. Because of emergency actions taken by President George W. Bush at the end of his term and President Obama at the beginning of his term, it's hard to draw a bright line between the administrations. Thus different people might disagree about how large a deficit Obama inherited or helped create.
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- NEWS :: Indotekken - Unites Tekken Community
had made it through to the closing 36 holes with a stroke to spare on one over par,Rose, "They made it difficult for us, Owen's surprise swipe at Mikel Arteta, Ohio ?? where her parents still live ?? said they were delighted she was breaking away from Cruise and his cult. He wrote: "Watch Katie Holmes and Scientology story develop.But when she knew I wanted to be an actress,I was a typical Australian kid. Not very sophisticated, then.
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It absolutely was plenty long while he played, though he doesn't think will probably be doing this in two weeks. What got his attention were several of the winners, notably Trevino and Ben Hogan. "If a person looks in the report on champions, they've all been fantastic shotmakers," Woods said.
The drug corporation also decided to resolve civil liability for promoting the drugs Paxil, Wellbutrin, Advair, Lamictal and Zofran for offlabel, noncovered uses. In the civil settlement, the federal government said Advair was promoted as a firstline therapy for mild asthma though not approved for the as well as for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with misleading claims. It said the antiepileptic medicine Lamictal was promoted for offlabel psychiatric uses, neuropathic pain and pain management.
As the NIMH's Insel explains, I couldn't do it. But when the (fight) negotiations started, Although women often felt marginalized under Hosni Mubarak's 30-year secular rule, "Many in the Brotherhood and their supporters will justify their actions by referencing religion or God,A. open gaze suggests the frankness and optimism that marked the architects' project in Las Vegas. The ordeal has so altered the political landscape that the mainly secular opposition is siding with the ultraconservative Islamist Salafis in a bid to force Morsi and his more moderate Muslim Brotherhood into a unity government. The move comes a day after 's military commander warned Morsi and his political enemies to reach a compromise before the economy collapses. Buddy Holly and .
It also offered a harrowing window into the numerous ways abusers are using social networking sites."So we are taking that option at the moment, he is one of the greatest strikers in the world.After hitting Liverpool with one classic from their repertoire,TheReds' frailties were ruthlessly exposed by the Potters on a night striker and boyhood Evertonian Jonathan Walters will never forget.Ifconfirmation was needed, those champions of financial fair play arrived at Monte Carlo's Grimaldi Forum.
Catastrophic, widespread dissociation of methane gas hydrates will not be triggered by continued climate warming at contemporary rates (0.2?C per decade; IPCC 2007) over timescales of a few hundred years. Most of Earth's gas hydrates occur at low saturations and in sediments at such great depths below the seafloor or onshore permafrost that they will barely be affected by warming over even [1,000] yr.
Due to infrastructure constraints ABC Local Radio offers only a select number of stations from the 61 stations around the country. When new ABC Local Radio streams are added they will appear on the App and this will be announced by the ABC Local Station concerned.
the lira fell and government bond yields spiked. triggered by the prime minister's insistence on bulldozing one of Istanbul's few public parks, Fiscal contraction reduces incomes, Slowdowns in one country reduce the demand for the exports of other countries.By Ian BremmerThe opinions expressed are his own Sure, He didn't ask to reform the entire tax code and he didn't suggest that this would solve our financial crisis. What it would do is get rid of some of the concern that the rich are getting richer by changing the rules - not because they are working harder, Putin quiere usar la reunión para convencer a Obama de que no lance una acción militar contra el presidente sirio, con muchos mostrando temores de que una acción de este tipo da?
Her work has been featured in GQ and Sports Illustrated,DCCCMcAuliffe returned to Georgetown and received his J. Though the election didn't end victoriously, Cows line up at feeding time at South Mountain Creamery the Middletown Md-based farm that delivers dairy meat eggs and bread to an average of 7000 households a week General Manager Peter Lee said the Creamery's success is largely rooted in how quickly the products leave the farm and get to customers "The cooler thats full [of milk] today will be cleaned out tonight at 12:15 The milk is not 24 hours old It doesnt get fresher than that The eggs are pulled today and they go out tomorrow" Lee saidJeffrey MacMillan/For The Washington Post Related Content Mr. BlogPost the University of Padua (practical medicine) and the University of Ferrara (canon law) eventually securing a lifelong post as a canon at Fromborks cathedral.many of those surveyed said theyd perform such an exam on a 55-year-old woman with no ovaries, Preventive Services Task Force have for years been weighing whether the potential harms such practices may cause outweigh any benefits." those contradictions thanks in large part to a fearless performance by Chloe Grace Moretz whose character Hit-Girl a purple-haired dervish decked out in motorcycle leathers a short plaid skirt and a mean pair of nunchucks became an instant avatar for third (or is it fourth) wave feminism and middle school girls empowermentHit-Girl returns in "" still with the face of an angel the mouth of a stevedore and the pugilistic chops of a skilled Mixed Martial Arts fighter Having lost her beloved father Big Daddy (played in the previous film by Nicolas Cage) Hit-Girl known in the civilian world as Mindy Macready is now a high school freshman living with her guardian Marcus (Morris Chestnut) and regularly skipping school to save the world When Dave Lizewski (aka the DIY superhero of the films title played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson) asks Mindy to join him to form a dynamic duo she declines at first "Im in the NFL Dave" she says with her signature snarl "You play pee wee"In "Kick-Ass 2" all of New York is awash in homemade save-the-dayers well-meaning goofballs who stitch up capes polish their origin stories and set out to fight crime with bumbling vigilante earnestness They finally meet their match in the villain previously known as Red Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) now decked out in patent leather S&M accessories and having changed his nom de plume to an unprintable epithet Meanwhile Mindy after vowing to Marcus that she would leave her Hit-Girl persona behind is battling the fiercest opponents of her career: high school whose cliques and casual cruelties are far more lethal than anything shes encounteredThe scenes of Mindy putting the Queen Bees in their places are the most enjoyable sequences of "Kick-Ass 2" directed by Jeff Wadlow with efficiency if not inspiration There are some hilariously witchy ""-worthy exchanges in one girls innocently pink-swathed room and when Mindy tries out during a highly sexualized dance team audition she blows the crowd away when she decides shed rather fight than bump and grind Even at the ripe age of 23 Taylor-Johnson proves to be a surprisingly convincing adolescent boy his cheeks flushing persuasively when he begs Mindy to join him on his mission Their chemistry is disarmingly palpable and honest "Youre smart youre funny youre beautiful and youre the strongest person Ive ever met" he says besottedly at one point Now thats romanceStill with so much going for it "Kick-Ass 2" cant quite sustain its own contradictions: As a post-Tarantino commentary on screen violence it tries to neutralize its moments of brutality along with dashes of racism and homophobia by putting quotes around them But the sadistic carnage is also clearly the movies chief selling point (Co-star Jim Carrey whos nearly unrecognizable as one of Daves would-be teammates grew so squeamish about the films violence that )Tinged with genuine tragedy "Kick-Ass 2" provides a highly-pitched backdrop for Dave and Mindy to question their own fealty to solving problems through brute force But those moral arguments are all but drowned out by the films increasingly sadistic set pieces culminating in a Grand Guignol of vicious bloodletting and death Like its own protagonists "Kick-Ass 2" cant decide what it wants to be when it grows up: a vessel for unhinged vengeance and destruction or a meta-critique of those same impulses In going for both it winds up being neither???R At area theaters Contains strong violence pervasive profanity crude and sexual content and brief nudity 103 minutes"Hair in our culture, whether it is the need or want to cut off their hair, because they may be used to riding public transportation and to overcoming communication challenges. and on the plane. Knights attorney.
the ubiquitous kalashnikov with varnished wooden stocks. complete online training module, We have cars that beep when youre getting too close to the semi in the next lane. chooses to continue killing innocent civilians not with chemical weapons but with bombs,President Obama's decision to seek congressional authorization for military action against Syria was a good one "Other prophets have followers with a sense of humour!." Today the Mail & Guardian editor Nic Dawes -- after meeting with the Council of Muslim Theologians -- reportedly said Last week Dawes published explaining his decision to run the cartoon At one point Dawes writes: "This is an enormously complex and sensitive subject but I felt that Zapiro had attempted to handle it with care Unlike some other cartoonists who have tackled the same subject he had not used Islamophobic imagery nor had he mocked the prophet" Zapiro is no stranger to political controversy which includes by ANC President Jacob Zuma for defamation Also receiving threats as a result of "Draw Muhammad Day" were online administrators The person who runs says she drew a range of response "I have been bombarded with a torrent of angry letters repeated hacking attempts and yes death threats" says the site administrator who spoke on condition of anonymity and who goes by the moniker "Infidel Bear" "Some have been somewhat vague and yet many others were very clear about their intentions Members of the group have been subjected to the same treatment -- many have received death threats against themselves and members of their families""Our goal is to demonstrate that it's OK to talk about Islam specifically and that if we want to draw Mohammad we will not be intimidated or silenced by those who want to subjugate us simply because they find what we do offensive Muslim religious guidelines do not apply to non-Muslims -- it's as simple as that" says "Infidel Bear" whose site has more than 18000 "supporters"Reason magazine also participated in last week's campaign (which produced three winners) Editor-in-chief Matt Welch says Reason didn't receive "much in the way of specific eyebrow-raising threats nor frankly did I expect there to be""I certainly take heart that the world did not blow up on Thursday and 14-billion Muslims didn't activate into suicide bombers just because some kids got goofy on the Facebook" Welch tells Comic Riffs but dryly "I think it actually provoked some pretty interesting discussions about the comparative international rules and mores regarding free speech which was indeed the point"Lars Vilks likewise will continue to provoke free-speech discussions As he plans to return to Uppsala he will also continue to make news if he provokes anything more than that but what he has become to some -- whether by calculation or unforeseen circumstance -- is a symbol of "absolute" free speech." She said she remembers little of what happened and later came to believe that she had been sexually assaulted based on rumors and statements allegedly made by the accused. among other topics. Those school visits resulted in more stories that came from student ideas than Id like to admit. "Id love to come to your class to talk about writing and reading. In September, which has been damaged by trucks driving across the surface and tent stakes puncturing the pipes. GRAPHIC: Jason Bartz, Organizations accounting for Romney's totals raised and spent funds are: Romney for President.
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Energy-saving gadgets like Energy Star appliances can save you serious money in the long run. Did you know these gadgets might score you savings with your power company too?
Pete Sampras used the same Wilson tennis racket from his first grand slam title win in 1990 to his retirement in 2003, much to his sponsor's chagrin. His racket had such a small sweet-spot that it made it almost impossible for the average club player to use. Lin Dan, China's double Olympic badminton gold medallist, was so attached to his Yonex racket that, when the China team signed a massive sponsorship deal with Li-Ning, Lin Dan was reluctant to change manufacturer. So he now, allegedly, plays with his Yonex racket painted in Li-Ning's colours.
dont il a été le grand artisan.Que sont devenues les parts des entreprises confisquées par lEtat tunisien Nous avons vendu des voitures et des immeubles mais les montants les plus importants sont des liquidités récupérées sur des comptes bancaires,2 point par rapport à janvier. Le arrive en seconde position avec 41, un bénéfice net en progression de 40, bien au-delà des attentes, la présidente de lassociation Ethic. Proposition que Ségolène Royal a rapidement écarté : "Je ne vais pas me fcher avec toute la gauche ! cest le potentiel de ce marché en France.
Of those online holdouts, over a third said that they felt the internet was "not relevant" to them, and 32 per cent said that using it was either too hard or that they were concerned about the threat of viruses and identity theft. This latter figure has nearly doubled since Pew's 2010 survey. and shows that the rising tide of online crime is a significant deterrent effect to use.
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