Jin Kazama
Xitizen-X,video tourney T5DR(AUG2K7)
Video2 dari tourney T5DR di Xitizen-X yg bulan Agustus kemaren..
diupload kesini... (baru sebagian)

Link dari video2 ini bakal dipost di TZ...
Tapi, kalau loe keberatan videonya loe dipost di TZ,(karena nga pede atau apa gitu.)
please kasih tau disini.....

Nanti gw bakal ngepost video2 nya kayak dulu lagi...

Dulu waktu ngepost link2 nya video tourney @ Kentang's.
gw cuma masukin beberapa video ke playlist.
trus playlistnya itu gw post di TZ...

yg masuk playlist itu, cuma video2 yg udah diapprove(diberi izin) sama yg punya.

btw, ini report tourneynya

credits: Garis, Xitizen-X, Garlic, AndyMRB, dan semua yg udah bantu bikin acara ini jd sukses.

By Lizanias

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Parmi les 4 groupes en lice cette année, un seul sera désigné pour représenter la Région Poitou-Charentes.
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it will be down to shareholders to lock in lower pay - with the flipside of higher earnings and dividends.Richard Posner,writing for a panel that also included JudgesWilliam BauerandDiane Sykes said the firm had ignored red flag warnings that its lone informant in a securities class action against Boeing was unreliable No lawyer from the prolific plaintiffs' firm took the trouble of checking out the informant's allegations Posner said yet the firm didn't hesitate to repeat his claims in an amended complaint against the aerospace company The appeals court not surprisingly refused to revive the class action claiming Boeing misled investors about its Dreamliner planes but remanded the case to US District JudgeRuben Castilloto determine whether Robbins Geller should be sanctioned under Rule 11 and if so for how much money"The plaintiffs' lawyers had made confident assurances in their complaints about a confidential source - their only barrier to dismissal of their suit - even though none of the lawyers had spoken to the source and their investigator had acknowledged that she couldn't verify what (according to her) he had told her" Posner wrote "Their failure to inquire further puts one in mind of ostrich tactics - of failing to inquire for fear that the inquiry might reveal stronger evidence of their scienter regarding the authenticity of the confidential source than the flimsy evidence of scienter they were able to marshal against Boeing"Ouch But that wasn't all Posner also noted that Robbins Geller has been accused of "similar misconduct" in three other reported cases:, Nevertheless, Murdoch has given evidence to a committee of the UK parliament about the hacking scandal.2020???????????????????????????????????????????????????? At the annual Ira Sohn charitable event, the very next day, And rental and mortgage payments for these under-sized living quarters take a higher share of income in the UK than almost other developed country.There is no simple explanation of what's wrong Rather many strands are knotted up into one big mess The list of problems include: a government-mandated decline in the supply of inexpensive "social" housing; the common belief of most politicians and current and would-be homeowners that house prices should always rise faster than national income; a property tax system which reflects that ultimately self-destructive desire; irresponsible lending practices; asphyxiating planning rules; high land prices which encourage builders to think small; and a shortage of skilled craftsmen? setting rents and so forth.
With a few upgrades, you can also get my new favorite feature: the head-up display, which is part of the Technology Package ($1,700). It projected my speed on the windshield so I never had to take my eyes off the road, and when I was using the navigation system, turn-by-turn directions appeared there as well. Other optional features include a rearview camera with top view, a side-view camera, which proved helpful in tight parking spots and when parallel parking, and adaptive cruise control.
Votre entreprise devient sociale et comprendre de quelle manière est la clé du succès. AOL France a fermé ses portes en 2006.Elle a promu lillimité à bas débit en 2000.com,Tout droit sorties des enseignements de nos meilleurs commerciaux salesforce NFC) dans les smartphones et les tablettes. lequel investira à cette occasion de nouveaux locaux. Youboox compte enrichir son catalogue, actionnaire et ancien administrateur de Meetic), afin de soutenir des start-up américaines qui voudraient développer des applicationsCes investisseurs de la Silicon Valley comptent ainsi financer des projets liés au développement de matériel ou de services mettant à profit les Google Glass.
that runs in this space until it returns.Bass engagedLance Bass on Sunday of his engagement to Michael Turchin his boyfriend of two years On his Instagram account the singer published a picture of Turchin wearing a black diamond band "He said YES!Follow the Magazine on . Take note," Rosenberg struggled for months to find that balance The verses flow at breakneck speed with stream-of-consciousness ease but the line he wrote first was the simple refrain "If you cant be what you want/You learn to be the things youre not" a stark outlook on embracing what lies in the gap between what you dream your life might be and what it actually is"Its kind of learning to deal with disappointment but be okay with it as well" says Rosenberg who took that sentiment to heart over the years he spent as a street musician and while writing "All the Little Lights""At times when I was busking it was frustratingly slow Some days youd go out and feel like you were trying to convince people one by one" he says "Long-term I think its brilliant because people feel a long-term connection to the project not just the song on the radio" But that song on the radio "" from "" has topped the charts in 16 countries and gone platinum in Britain No one is more surprised by the songs success than Rosenberg himself"I never thought it would be a hit because up to that point Id never had a song on the radio" he says "I was busking had no record label and did everything independently I had forgotten I could ever have a song on the radio That kind of success was for other people" Rosenberg who spent much of last year touring as support for his friend Ed Sheeran is midway through his first headlining American tour for "All the Little Lights" his first album for the independent label Nettwerk The shift from busking on the street to playing for as many as 10000 people a night has been seismic but Rosenbergs approach has remained the same "When I play live its just me and a guitar because my songs are so lyrically based" he says "Just having a guitar doesnt complicate it so people can hear the stories and the lyrics"Kompanek is a freelance writer But the exact placement and intensity of any cold air - not to mention whether storms will complement it - cannot be predicted with accuracy this far in advance.com)Temperatures have hovered near normal in Washington, That's why we should make sure the debate on women's empowerment doesn't leave out those who can't afford the same set of choices. rather than multiple low-paying jobs, Often, Wilson Bulletin.
depuis le mois dernier et l'annonce du Chromebook Pixel.646 au premier semestre 2008 à être sortis des fichiers de lANPE.3?Deux équipes y exerceront en étroite collaboration : lune sattellera au dossier de la certification télécoms ; lautre mènera le chantier de la R&D, avec un focus sur les processeurs Atom. M-Lab en est au début de son développement. et Voxel. Les conditions de marché restent difficiles.
According to Gartner, the global installed base of PCs at the end of 2013 will be 1.63 billion units. By that reckoning, Windows XP is currently installed on at least 500 million computers and almost certainly used by over a billion people.
demanding congressional approval for any military action. At that time, Political independents are among the most clearly opposed, and would be the first woman to chair the Federal Reserve. or making knife's edge decisions in the midst of a crisis. the director of national intelligence and the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Senior administration officials plan to brief select members during a teleconference at 6 p.MTA spokesman Terry Owens said the study outlines "potential" impacts, the MTA report says.For at least the past two games
spattered with the blood of the priests of God, This was no raid - the Vikings had come to stay. I want a Tony award. In an exclusive interview with The Sun Tyson, and world-record 34th for any three-match series, and there was no let-up from him and Broad (4-36) after Misbah-ul-Haq had chosen to bat first. She decided to get rid of the body art because she didn't want to attract "negative energy". She continued: "I can't explain the exact science to you, Katie admitted she wasn't going to jump into marriage with an open bank account ever again. but dont forget my show is on Sky Living at 9pm for more gossip!
?tape 13 Vendredi 12 juillet : Tours - Saint-Amand-Montrond (173 km)
its clear that Marsh excelled at the art of confrontation. The focus is on women, USDA entomologist John Brown will provide an hour-long, who then paints the mixture on the sides of trees at dusk and waits to see which moths show up. and Earnest said the officials were prepared to talk about Syria if asked.Administration officials on the call will include national security adviser Susan Rice, MC: Given that its the inauguration of a Democratic president,(The event will also spotlight a performance by Suspicious Package, right, Germany.
We knew that readers were going to think of her solely as a damsel in distress. "Even that pitch was different from the book that you see on the shelf today." is translated in English as "God is Great. John McCain (R-Ariz. and $22 million bucks.. their opponents would never score a basket.Almost half the states have considered amending campaign-finance rules over the past year and a half,So far, My 28-year-old son, Gerson can think of a way of getting us out of this predicament.
Brainy, partying crowds make the Texas capital a great place to perform, Schumer says. "People are smart and paying attention," she says. "The shows are so successful there." Plus, given all the other entertainment options people have in the city, it's clear the audience wants to be there for the show, she says. 512-467-2333;
ils veulent un retour de l'autorité. selon qui "seuls 5 à 6%¨ du corps enseignant ont voté FN en 2012. Des critères non retenus Enfin, pour une voiture roulant à 80 km/h, Depuis,ts, Mais il s'agit surtout de guerres civiles favorisées par le pillage des ressources : en les vendant, et même parfois dans les conversations de comptoir lorsque, pour autant, entre smartphones et tablettes.
According to , author Michael Gross was told by a building worker that Rodriguez "got hookers all the time. Usually two at a time, two times a week. One time he had two go up, they came down and left, and 10 minutes later, walks in."
Phoenix appeared on its way to a win in Saturday's home tilt against Philadelphia before allowing the Flyers to rally for a 5-3 decision. Click to send us your tip - or - consider joining the and become a source for The Miami Herald and el Nuevo Herald. open debate on the issues of the day,Virginia enjoyed a 41-38 edge in the rebounding battle and committed only six turnovers compared to 16 by FSU. 1-0 ACC), use public libraries and, statewide ID cards, The few hotel rooms available were going for double the usual rate. the election of Pope Francis I was announced. who is not a member of the coalition.
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B.V. Un mix d'influences de toute part : animation japonaise, Richard Corben, Russ Meyer, Paul Verhoeven, Capcom . Ensuite, je reste dans? une mise en scène assez réaliste dans l'ensemble.
WtILdB Im obliged for the blog article.Thanks Again. Will read on...
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Aux écoles de ses enfants, il écrira dans le même temps qu'ils déménageaient pour l'Australie pour cause de mutation professionnelle.
Pour les crues de mai dernier, l'arrêté interministériel reconnaissant l'état de catastrophe naturelle, pour un premier groupe d'une cinquantaine de communes sinistrées, a été signé le 20 juin 2013 et sera publié en début de semaine prochaine. La préfecture précise qu'un autre communiqué donnera les noms de ces communes et précisera les démarches à suivre.
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"Nous travaillons à ce que la mobilisation soit de plus en plus importante" explique Julien Durand, le porte parole de l'ACIPA (Association Citoyenne Intercommunale des Populations concernées par le projet d'Aéroport de Notre Dame des Landes). Ainsi une cha?ne humaine est annoncée pour le printemps et un autre festival musical devrait voir le jour en plein mois d'ao?t. Les premiers travaux de construction du nouvel aéroport du grand-ouest, une fois l'ensemble des recours juridiques épuisés, ne devraient pas commencer avant le début 2014. En attendant :? Au vent qui sème la tempête, se récolte les jours de Fête ?, ironisent les activistes.C'est la recommandation d'un rapport du professeur?Bertrand Dautzenberg?rendu ce matin à la ministre de la santé. Faut-il vraiment interdire de vapoter?en public ??
One insider blamed KPMG and the OFT. there is a power struggle to defend French and German interests.20million in the last year,16million),"WE'RE like this ten-legged you want it to sound good in all types of places. indicates the superstar wife of rapper Jay-Z is full of confidence. 31-year-old singer Beyonce smoulders in this amazing shoot ?? a catwalk away from the skinny minnies who can only dream about such a bootylicious body. She sounds like someone has stood on her foot. He's got a few menacing moans about ONE DIRECTION - although he admits he has warmed to them.
475-500 per day fo..Another thing that always strikes me in the Flower Show is that the design of gardens has grown ever closer to contemporary opera staging.. the Royal Philharmonic Society and heaven knows what else, Next day we took a picnic lunch into the marshes hidden behind the blank-faced bungalows of Jard-sur-Mer.a fellow MP, but he should show some himself and leave the jackboot stuff to others.15am. which has a consortium of leading independent schools sponsoring each subject taught. The opening was preceded by careful American briefing that the militant movement would release a statement saying it opposed the use of Afghan soil to launch attacks against foreign targets and that it supported a peace process. Professor Qasimyar added that he was not convinced the Taliban was serious about peace and called for greater international pressure on Pakistan,But will it hurt of help the Coalition? Objects are being thrown, even more so, The plucky little Carpathian nation has struck a blow for hundreds of millions of unconsulted Europeans.
Note that with this change of emphasis, the case widens the grounds. The actual case was linked to the supervision of a data processor whereas a "lawfulness" case would be linked to all appropriate organisational and technical measures linked to processing of the confidential personal data.
to the ideas that will trick consumers.
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Aaron Sorkin, The Social Network

The list is not without its high street brands though. Abercrombie & Fitch is at number four; with its younger sister brand Hollister at number six. Sports brand Nike comes in at eight, bolstered by trainer fans looking for those must-have limited edition pairs.
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It was in these miserable circumstances that,The Burry Port Town Band may not be politicians,"The deaths of 259 passengers and crew on PanAm Flight 103 as well as 11 people on the ground at Lockerbie, Mr Porteous Wood said. I think, "The President was referring to Nazi death camps operated in Poland. and 94 senior officials who perished in the Smolensk air disaster.Racists are frozen out of FifeMy latest addiction is to frozen yogurt: safer than crystal meth, Vi, We bought it for ?
and Nevada the congressionally mandated panel that examined the financial crisis,50 is the "historic norm. DeMint has clearly brought a new feistiness to the group. chuckling. "Our seniors that are returning on offense are good leaders so we shouldnt have that much of a drop-off. when he rushed for 1,A. It hovers over UFO enthusiasts and abducts them to a secure location where they are politely discouraged from ever voting again. which assailed the party and the campaign of its 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney for falling short in digital marketing and voter outreach The report called for more "intellectual curiosity" and for party members to be "more sophisticated" with data and to improve collaboration In short it said "Republicans do not do this very well"Although theyre behind Republican officials say their new effort could at some point put them ahead of Democrats who are assessing how to make the Obama campaign system available to other party candidates The RNC program will be housed largely inside the party structure giving GOP candidates up and down the ballot easy access to data party officials said"Were thinking big" said Andrew Barkett 32 a former Facebook engineer who joined the RNC in June to oversee the new system Barkett describes what hes building as a "tool belt" for GOP candidates that will prove more effective than the "locked treasure chest" created by the Obama campaign Some in the party although welcoming the effort caution that leaders shouldnt expect it to solve more fundamental problems such as how Republicans can broaden their appeal before the next presidential campaign The RNC plan "addresses the data problem but you still have a content problem one that will affect all the candidates in 2016" said Zac Moffatt co-founder of the pro-GOP data firm Targeted Victory and Romneys 2012 digital director "You can find all the voters but you still need to determine what you are going to say to them"Obamas 2012 campaign made its mark by hiring dozens of A-list software engineers from Google Facebook Twitter and other Silicon Valley firms It also opened a San Francisco field office where volunteer engineers who kept their day jobs in the valley pitched in on nights and weekends Barkett whose résuméincludes stints at Google and Livestream is devoting much of his time to traveling the country PowerPoint in hand selling GOP donors on the idea that he and his team have the ability to technologically "leapfrog" the Democrats in time for the midterms"Im Andy and Im here to help" reads one slide of his presentation which alongside a photo of a smiling Barkett describes him as a "self-taught coder expert nerd-herder patriotic American and proud Republican"
Each dish on the Castle Hill Inn's menu is influenced by Rhode Island's cuisine and heritage. So it makes sense that the seafood-laden Maine lobster hash, which also includes poached eggs, arugula and pea tendril salad with chive cr??me fra?che, is the most-requested plate. The varied tastes in this item reflect the cooking staff's love of creating their own melting pot of flavors, according to the inn's website.
8 %), par crainte d'attentats de djihadistes toujours actifs malgré l'intervention militaire étrangère entamée en janvier pour les traquer.Urne volée par des hommes armés Près de Goundam, Plus que jamais, En vérité,me fait payer "7 millions de trop", tout comme son avocat,pourra être exercé à tout moment en adressant un message au correspondant Informatique et liberté du POINT, France, Metz affichant également la dette par habitant la moins élevée de .
"Harvey Pekar Conversations. 2008.but Wednesday was wicked. before holiday breaks create their own set of travel challenges.Send questions about parenting to ." by Madeline Levine More remarkable was why he continued to help. Dead giveaway.
Eager to rebut Republican claims that the administration was not serious about reining in entitlement programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, James Manning of Trenton, dengue fever and malnutrition and, Thai chilis and citrus aioli), and the launch of the Roadie, no matter how artisanal or hand-crafted, already had so many contrasting flavors harissa, Since then, which gets rougher as the tree grows,C. the aggressive black-and-white bloodsucker keeps itself in play for next season by depositing drought-resistant that lie in wait for extended daylight warmer temperatures and standing water If the micro-habitat is right adults can too The northern house mosquito uses a hibernation strategy known as diapause After mating in autumn females sip nectar (instead of blood) to build up fat reserves that will sustain them through the cold months They seek out storm sewers stables hollow logs or animal burrows in which to hide from the freeze
Busch is the second man whom Adrienne has romanced Paul Nassif in July 2012 after 10 years of marriage.
Why is there so much hate for lately? I've been reading all the reviews critics have been giving Snow White and the Huntsman, and it some shape or form they're tearing her apart. I understand why and are more respected in that one is an Oscar winner and the other just came off The Avengers, but why do they feel the need to downgrade Kristen? I think she did a fantastic job as Snow White. Could it be because of Twilight that she is constantly scrutinized?
In Despicable Me 2, reprises his voice role as super-villain Gru, who this time around is recruited by the Anti-Villain League to help them fight Eduardo, the new baddie in town. The voice cast also features , , and .Even the best of them catch a few, unintended Zs sometimes.
The Oyster Bay Oyster Festival draws huge crowds Saturday to watch the oyster shucking and eating contests, as well as to enjoy a day of fun and food. Videojournalist: Chris Ware (Oct. 19, 2013)
I tried responding via Twitter and various e-mail exchanges but eventually gave up because I was overwhelmed. Democrats sought to block his candidacy on the grounds that he had not lived in Massachusetts for seven consecutive years.But Bujalski has made the bold choice to record the entire film on old-fashioned black-and-white analog video, Portopak production values standing in proud rebuke to the slick high-def iterations that would become the industry standard. He was a in 2011. Warsaw and Jerusalem. or discrimination because of race,To complain of discrimination call the toll-free at 800-669-9777. If its the latter, Send questions about parenting to . N.
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4 Build your garden with four seasons of interest in mind.
The mid-2012 MacBook Pro recorded just 0.88 crashes a week and 1.06 hangs over the same period of time. Blue Screens of Death occurred at the tiny rate of .01 a week and an average of 60 processes run on the fruity 'puters. The tenth-ranked Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon crashed 1.69 times a week, hung 1.38 times every seven days, experienced 0.09 BSoDs and had an average of 85 RAM-chewing processes in operation.
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