Jin Kazama
Tekken 6 Bound Battle @XXI TA
Tanggal 15 Maret.......jam 18:30

Yang telat bakal gw buang langsung ke loser's bracket...

Gw nga akan tolerate orang yg terlambat...karena gw nga mau tourneynya selesai diatas jam 10 malam....

Yang bisa ikutan....ayo absen... jumlah maksimum peserta = 32 orang...

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Great common sense here. Wish I’d thohugt of that.
I don't know why people here say the movie did the game juicste. So many things were REALLY awkward. Miguel and Raven entered the series late, so for Jin to be new to the tornament with them in makes no sense; the iconic spiky hair is almost gone, minus a few points Jin had; Kazuya was just fucked the fuck up (where did the facial hair and axes come from), not to mentioned he never allies with Heihachi since he was a child; Steve it too damn old (he's Nina's son); Law, one of the comic relief dudes of the series, was too murderous; Jin and Christie, really (Xiaoyu would be pissed the fuck off)? I just want one movie to do the characters juicste. A life-like translation of the game. Many other things. Call me picky, but would y'all complain if Superman didn't have his cape and wore purple?
I stumbled on your blog today, I think from “Big Ma;20#8217msa21;̷&;and after reading a couple of entries I thought, this is one I’d like to keep an eye on, see what’s new from time to time. I have to say, after reading this post, you are now out of the “maybe it will be good” category and saved to my favorites. Anyone who’s husband can speak so well of (and without sounding too gushy if you know what I mean) deserves a spot on my daily reading list. Congratulations on the 12+ years!
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